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Sharing The Love


Meal Time Creations LLC (based out of my born and raised hometown of Atlanta, Ga) is teaming up with Twinmommy101 to bring one lucky COUPLE the chance to win an intimate Tier I* Dining Experience Package! And the best part? It ALL comes to you in the comfort of your OWN HOME!*Tier I (four course ) meal value: $175 (Also included in the prize package: apple cider, a private chef and event coordinator, decorated dining area, mood lighting, and music.)

Why, you may be asking yourself, WHY would anybody be generous enough to share such an amazing offer? Here is a little about Meal Time Creations and what inspired this giveaway! (followed of course by the Official Rules and Details!)

We met at sixteen. I wasn’t interested and he thought I was a know it all. We were friends. At least I thought we were. He often reminds me, “I never wanted to be your friend you put me in the friend zone.” It’s true I did. He left for the Army the next winter. We exchanged letters. We talked on the phone. I couldn’t lose my best friend. I almost did. He married someone else. I came close. After five years he came home from the military and we started dating. I fell in love with my best friend. We had our first child and married soon thereafter.

I could say that was our love story. However, it wasn't like the movies where they show all the good things that happen and the credits roll during the couple’s wedding. Our love story wasn’t scripted nor has it ended. Our love story is continuous. It suffers, loves, conquers, endures, rebuilds, cries, smiles, rejoices and shifts for eternity. We are still in love through job loss, homelessness, depression, and children (that’s a BIG one). We started a company together where we can share our love with the world. Not the love that is shown on TV. You know, where they smile every day. Where they have that one big fight. No, we are the real love story, the real couple that pushes through the hurdles, laughs through the pain. And I am beyond proud to say that we can stand up after five years of marriage and say “I still like you”.

Are you the love that endures after the credits stop rolling?

share the love Collage

Sharing The Love Giveaway April 12- April 16 Winner Announced April 17 (on Meal Time Creations 5th wedding anniversary!)

contest rules
To qualify, you MUST enter through the GLEAM APP  and Share your real deal love story.

1)You will be required to submit your love story before you can enter the contest. (If you are nominating someone, share their story and why you think they deserve to win!) This is a REALLY important part of the Giveaway so be sure to share well! (2 paragraph max) Submit to: 2) After reading this post and browsing Meal Time Creations' site, you unlock MORE ways to gain entries. 3)Referring your friends to enter (and nominate you) will increase your chances to win in several ways. First off referrals for entries means that YOU earn YOURSELF more entries. AND having friends enter and participate increases the chances that one of your friends qualified as a finalist too! See where I'm going here?.... 4) Giveaway will close Midnight April 17 Eastern Time (so, when Friday begins in ATL) *The 5 participants with the MOST ENTRIES after the giveaway closes will be selected as finalists. The 5 finalists love stories will be then be reviewed, and..... Winner will be announced at 12:15 pm Friday April 17th to celebrate Meal Time Creations FIVE YEAR wedding anniversary! 

TIPS: -The more points you acquire, the more likely you are to win! -Participants are allowed to enter and nominate a couple (local to the Atlanta, GA). If you are selected and have a nomination, the prize can be transferred with written consent of both parties. -When sharing photos on Instagram for entries, be sure to hashtag #sharingthelove, otherwise Gleam will not give you the points. -The 5 participants who have the MOST ENTRIES will qualify for the final drawing. (Ties will be considered as qualified finalists.)

The winner will win a Tier I intimate dinner for two in the privacy of their own home. Tier I includes four courses, with two main course options to choose from.* (Tier I: salad, appetizer, chicken or vegetarian dish, & dessert.) Also included in the prize package: apple cider, a private chef and event coordinator, decorated dining area, mood lighting, music.

*There will be absolutely no deviation from menu except for dietary needs unless paying difference for higher tier meal. This meal is only for TWO people (a couple). We are ONLY preparing enough food for one serving per person. Winner can redeem meal between April 20, 2015 & May 20, 2015. Please call Meal Time Creations to book dinner.
Contestants must have: 
1. Must have equipped kitchen as we prepare food in the comfort of your home.
2. Must have somewhere our staff can set up and serve you your meal. 
3. Must be willing to have love story featured on our website and social media accounts. 
4. Please like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram. 
Not redeemable on Mother’s Day.
@mealtimecreations on IG 
$175.00 dollar value

Enter Here:

Share the Love Giveaway