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Workout Wednesday: Leg Day Tips


Starting to have a Workout Wednesday has been SO MUCH FUN! You guys keep me more motivated than I could ever be if I was on my own! Right now, I want to take a few moments to walk through some tips that will not only help you keep from injuring yourself, but also will help you get maximum results from each workout! IF you are babywearing during your workout, please be sure to remember your BABYWEARING SAFETY! Don't forget my "7 Day Walking Challenge" starts on Facebook today (4/8)! Visit my FB PAGE, and get the details! (The group will remain secret at all times EXCEPT on Wednesdays, when it changes to CLOSED so that new members can join. The challenges reset every Wednesday! But of course you can find ALL the info in the group!)

workout wed modify movementsSo, today's video is a super intense focus on your legs. It can be easy to feel the burn, but sometimes it's not always the right areas we are "burning." Here are some tips to help you get your moves down JUST right!

  • maxresdefaultKeep your center held (ie: tummy sucked) in: this will help you work your core (abs), allow your oxygen to flow more freely, AND will help you keep your balance and posture in check
  • Open your shoulders up, DON'T SLUMP OVER! Again, promotes better breathing and good posture prevents strains and pulls
  • Keep your knees over your toes! Whether its a lunge or a squat, make sure that your knees are OVER your toes! THEY SHOULD NOT GO PAST THE TIPS OF YOUR TOES! 
  • Control your motions/movements! Take the same amount of time going (down in a lunge/up for an arm curl for ex) and you do coming (back up/back to resting position). You want to make sure you spend the same amount of time working the muscles going down as you do going up.
  • Always keep your arms moving! It helps keep your heart pumping!
  • Good breathing techniques are your BEST friend! EXHALE through your mouth when your exercise requires you to move downwards or "out"/INHALE through your mouth when straightening up or bringing extremities back into the body. (DID YOU KNOW: breathing through your nose helps "filter" the air while you exercise!?!)
  • squatModify workouts to meet your body's demands and abilities. Not everyone will be on the same level in regards to abilities. One of the beauties of working out from home (let alone with your baby "Strapped" on you lol) is that you don't have to worry about what you look like. Follow the tips listed above and you'll go far! We all start somewhere! (I'm picking up after over 9 years of dance training and YEARS of fulfilling my love for aerobics and strengthening/toning exercises. Enjoy yourself and do your best! The results will shine in more ways than appearances! Exercising releases endorphins and is good for mental clarity and alleviating stress!
  • Be sure to STRETCH before AND after you workout! You want to make sure that your body is ready for the extra work! And you want to prevent any cramps later!
  • Drink LOTS of water! When you workout, you sweat. When you sweat, you lose water. When you lose water, you dehydrate! Also, rumor has it that water and stretching will help ease the "soreness" level the next day, but don't quote me on that 100%. I DO know that drinking cold water helps burn calories BC, your body has to convert that water to body temp! ;) You're Welcome!

I can't say this enough, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be sure to practice your babywearing safety when you are working out! It is SO important to be mindful of your baby.

workout wed jerking motionsDon't forget about your essential oils (EO) support for workouts as well! I have NEVER in my 10+years as an athlete been able to enjoy such bliss in my muscles! DEEP BLUE is my go to, but I'll be bringing your info about workouts and oils as time passes! (Follow the blog so you don't miss weekly testimonies and info! CHECK OUT THE FULL EO SECTION for more info!

And a little something extra from my friend over at Lindsay Mac Fitness: Toned After Twins:


 Happy almost shorts season! See you next week!