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Essential News: Springtime Edition


Welcome to my April newsletter.  We've had a glimpse of spring here and there a few weeks ago here in Central Illinois.  I can't wait to see her in full force over the next weeks.  However, this season brings with it a lot of discomfort for my family.  Namely in the realm of unrelenting allergies.  The focus of this newsletter and upcoming classes will be using essential oils to help mitigate these seasonal attacks so you can enjoy the lovely weather just a little more.
Friday April 24th at 5:30 pm "Oilholics United!" (Springfield, IL) The  April class will have wine and treats and be a laid back Friday evening of friends, old and new, talking about oils and learning how we all use them or would like to use them. There will be door prize giveaways from the Spa as well as my homemade Hibernation Whipped Body Butter.  This event requires an RSVP by April 19th so we have enough treats and drinks to go around.
I keep my oil classes updated as a pinned post on my Facebook page (  And remember, I happily book free online classes as well! 
did you know EO sheri
 In searching for a fun oil trivia fact for this newsletter, I took an essential oil quiz online.  I like this quote a lot.  
"If aromatherapy was allowed to compete only on its merits, it would be a great competitor for a variety of aspects of conventional medicine.  Much of the future of aromatherapy will be determined through political processes. The powers in place in the medical market will try to keep aromatherapy out, because it threatens profits to the conventional medical establishment.  However, the demand of the consumer for more and better access to alternative methods will continue to offset such vested interests and should do much to make aromatherapy more popular as a healing modality." ---Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, PH.D.
As a personal aside, I love that I can use both essential oils and also utilize modern medicine if the need arises. There is no exclusivity needed.  The two modalities do not need to be in competition with each other. And doTERRA is committed to bridging the gap by partnering with hospitals such as Vanderbilt University as well as having a Physician Advisory Board.
Fun with Essential Oils:
Thai Peanut Spaghetti Squash
Make this dish gluten free by using gluten free soy sauce, tamari, Bragg's liquid aminos. or coconut aminos!!  Or, if the spaghetti squash isn't your thing, use regular spaghetti :)
Looking for DEET free, bug free outdoor fun?
Why not make your own all-natural bug repellent!  It is easier than you think.  And these three oils can play other rolls in your home as well.  Man, essential oils are workhorses!!!
TerraShield is a straight up bug repellent blend for many creepy crawlies.  It is also said for some to help with bad dreams.  I can't personally verify this one as my little ones respond well to juniper berry, which I heard about first.  Many people use this blend on pets as well with more dilution for smaller animals and less dilution needed for larger ones - just like how we dilute for humans.
doTerra-Bug-Repellent-RecipePurify cleans unpleasant smells out of the air.  We've used it post-illness to get that 'sick' smell out of the air (as well as disinfect the room) and sprayed it in shoes for obvious reasons!!
Peppermint is a 'universal' oil, which means it has 20+ uses.  My favorite was mentioned a few months ago - to stop embarrassing hiccups.  It's also 1/3 of a  very successful allergy combo discussed in the next section.  Obviously, peppermint is good for digestion while also imparting a minty fresh breath.  It's a cooling oil that helps with pain as well.  I use it to increase focus as I lag in the afternoon or while driving.  Oh, and many bugs do NOT like this oil. I can't wait to use it to protect my squash plants this year!!
Place 10 drops of each of these 3 oils into a 4 oz glass spray bottle.  Add a few pinches of salt, which will keep the oils in solution.  Fill with water.  And use!!
oil tip of the month EO Sheri
 So two years ago, I was personally using three different allergy medications just to get through the day. And a neti pot.  And I was still miserable most days.  And spending quite a bit on all of those medications, each with annoying side effects.  Last January I was introduced to oils and converted over to the oils of those three lovely plants you see above - lavender, lemon, and peppermint.  A full allergy season came and went without turning to a little pink pill, a nasal spray, or being treated like a drug addict/manufacturer getting my medication.  Every day my husband LLPwould express surprise and happiness at how well a single drop of those oils worked to knock out the congestion and itchy eyes and coughing and even itchy skin.  We found that in spite of many online recipes calling for 2-3 drops of each in a gel capsule or shot glass, a single drop of each got the job done for us.  Cost = 20 cents an 'allergy shot'.
So as the allergy season died off, we dropped off using this trio for allergies and utilized more of their functions, which together number around 100!  Then a cold hit.  It happens with a child in kindergarden even in an oily family like mine :)  On a whim, I put 10 drops of each in a 10ml roller bottle and rolled it over the bridge of my nose.  Instantly open sinuses!!  I keep a roller bottle under my pillow now as I get congested at night.  I'm happy to have them in my home to drop in my shot glass to swish and swallow in the morning.  I can buy them already put together in a gel capsule to have on the go.   And no more avoiding playing outside with my children just to avoid itchy eyes.  I can even pet my neighbor's dog and not worry about itchy skin!!!
promotions EO sheri
DBMarch's beyond AMAZING DEEP BLUE PROMOTION HAS BEEN EXTENDED!!! Until April 15, a 200PV order will qualify you for a free 5 ml bottle of the Deep Blue oil AND a tube of the Deep Blue Rub.  A value of $81.67 for free. You can actually get this promotion four times!   Three nights ago I had a terrible cramp in my right lower leg and foot at around 2 am despite drinking magnesium daily.  Of course. These things never hit in the middle of the day!!  Within minutes of using the Rub, my leg and foot had relaxed. And the next morning, there was no residual soreness.  As I start jogging again, I am so thankful to have these oils to help my sore muscles.   I use this blend also to help with tight shoulders that result in headaches. (Be sure to read about Twinmommy101's personal testimony about Deep Blue too!)
Deep  Blue uses
Happy Oiling Closing:
I enjoy sharing these newsletters with you because SO many people express interest in oils, but can be a HUGE transition to make. A lot of times, the plethora of information can be overwhelming (and contradicting). Twinmommy101 and I strive to bring you information, both researched and from personal experiences, to help you decide whether it's "just the thing you have been looking for." I speak for us both when I say, neither of us could ever go back to the non-oily life! Are you next?  
Join me on my Facebook page for oil tips and published scientific studies studies and my Essential Manatee Facebook group for a small community of oil users ready to answer questions and guide your journey! And of course be sure to check out Twinmommy101's Essential Oils Section for all the oily things that make her twin life go 'round!
Happy Spring!
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