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In Tune: How To Get Sh*t Done


InTune-blog-headerI can't tell you HOW HARD it is for me somedays to find the energy and motivation to I need so I can FOCUS, no matter how many cups of coffee I have! So, of course, me telling you I have ADHD should come as no surprise. I have always had my issues with concentration, but it's been ESPECIALLY bad since I had the girls.  Now, I am not saying that I can't complete the task at hand, BUT I AM notorious for going around my butt to scratch my elbow. Until.... I found my motivation in a bottle! (and I'm not talking about the kind of bottle you have to be 21 to buy....)

If you have been following my ESSENTIAL OIL JOURNEY, you know that I have been slowly trying to transition ourselves to a more holistic way of life. One thing that I DESPERATELY needed to improve on going into this was my productivity level. I had been finding that between a lack of energy and trouble focusing, I wasn't getting everything on my to do list DONE. I refuse to take Adderall, and wasn't sure what options I was left with, so I suffered in silence. I've always done my best to knock out what I could without overstressing myself, but often times I feel disappointed with HOW MUCH I couldn't get to. What's crazy to me is that before I even jumped on board the oils train, my oily guru had told me that me and this oil were destined to do great things together! So..... here is my story... (and keep in mind I'm writing it 8 days in our "relationship")

11023973_609480529153218_5204930322057519307_n<--This is me. 6 days after starting this oil! On my way to a family lunch. And for a change I'm NOT on my Mac, scrambling to meet one more deadline I'm cutting it too close with!

HOW WE "MET": On the way to my mailbox one Saturday afternoon, all I could think about is how much I had to get done over the next 7 days! (Hashtag: the twin mommy blogging life!) I was SO preoccupied with my stresses that I forgot it was OIL DELIVERY DAY!! And in my box was this little bottle of magic, which I started using IMMEDIATELY! I applied some from ear to ear on the back of my neck, focusing on the mid to lower ear area, which is the area that helps enhance your concentration.  I also applied to my wrists, for focus and clarity. (NOTE: I often apply to my temples instead of the back of my neck for concentration now. I prefer to apply PEPPERMINT oil to the back of my neck for energy!) You can also apply to the tip of your toes, the back of your knees, (which I have yet to try) or just use aromatically!

WHAT WE DID TOGETHER: In the next 6 days, while using this oil, I managed to: -shoot, edit, render, AND encode NINE (yes NINE!) babywearing videos! Now, usually it takes me HOURS to get ONE video filmed JUST right (which means my iPad gets polluted with about 50 fails! More than once I have had the memory cut off my recording when I finally had gotten it JUST right!) EACH of these videos nine videos that I shot only took ONE TAKE! No muss, no fuss! NO JOKE! -upload ALL NINE videos to YouTube -write and submit TWO guest articles for other blogs/sites

-get THREE posts of mine, a guest review, and guest post all up on this site! -sift through the remainder of the first batch of the WEAR&SHARE Twingaroo applications and plot the next few potential stops (nothing finalized though;) ) -successfully tackle my admin tasks with my babywearing group before my deadline (I'm usually scrambling at midnight my time so I can post it by midnight west coast time!) -(and of course) get some more research done about oils! (there's more, but those things are those finer "behind the scenes details" that are coming into action soon!)


WHEW!!!!! What a week! And I honestly couldn't have been more thrilled to call it mine! I mean, who DOESN'T love a good sense of feeling accomplished without having been rushed or under pressure while getting the job done? And here's the thing. I didn't go to bed any later than normal. (I'm always up until at least 1:30-2 am working.) And I didn't drink ANY coffee this week either! (Just my hot chocolate with a DASH of instant coffee for flavor! A ratio so fractional I won't try to measure it.)

WHY I'M  IN LOVE: I noticed during this week that I was more calm, more concentrated, and even more positive in my outlook of events of the day. Like, for example, when Adobe crashes RIGHT AS you complete the final edits of a video (HOURS later). And the "autosave" feature auto-forgot to save ANYTHING. Now, usually I would have yelled at the Mac, slammed it shut, muttered a few choice words, and walked away. (And sometimes not come back until DAYS later!) Yet here I am cool, calm, and collected. Reasoning that this is just a test for me to up my skills and ability to move with a quickness.... A COMPLETE 180 from the "old me," wouldn't you say?

And not only have I noticed a difference in my "work life," but I have noticed that I get less easily distracted when I am hanging out with the girls all day. Again, MANY times during the day we will start a project or activity, and it will sit there unfinished for as long as I can stand to avoid it. EX: I HATE living out of baskets of clean clothes, yet it's become a common occurrence around here recently. You see,  from the laundry room to the bedroom, there are usually 50 OTHER things that need to be done, and I end up trying to do it all at once. And now I've lost track of time and I have to move on to something else, and my laundry becomes a lost cause. Since I am able to now keep myself so organized and productive during my working hours, my mommy hours have been more cleared up and we are REALLY enjoying having more quality STRESS FREE time together! And our laundry is even getting folded and put away again! Most days anyways.....



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