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Babywearing Review: Babyhawk Mei Tai


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mt review-main summary babyhawkThe very first time I had ever stepped out of my DIY Babywearing bubble, it was with a Babyhawk Mei Tai (MT). A friend had loaned me out this carrier for our trip to Puerto Rico when the girls were SIX months old, and we ended up falling in love with and calling our own! Since this was the first thing that I had ever tried aside from a wrap, it's needless to say I was intimidated. I wore this carrier around the house for the next few days and of course good old YouTube helped me find my way to falling in love it.

MT bw review-specs babyhawk

I was SO surprised at how easy it was to use this MT. I had mostly been intimidated by the straps and the idea of a “body panel.” The body panel of this MT is so floppy that it reminds me of a wrap. It’s thick enough for me to feel confident that my baby is getting the support she needs, yet won’t get too hot. Even more, I LOVE that it has a little headrest at the top of the carrier. This gives me peace of mind that my baby’s head and neck are supported ESPECIALLY if they fall asleep. (I’m not a fan of hoods. They make me nervous, so this is PERFECT for us!)

  MT strap feat checklist babyhawkOne thing that I found myself liking about the Babyhawk MT that makes me prefer it over a wrap is the padding in the straps. One down side to the straps (after the padding ends) is that they can crease very easily. If you are as big a freak about wrinkles as me, you are going to want to take a little extra time to fold the straps flat to store OR you are going to want to steam iron the straps from time to time. But it’s all worth it in the end because the width of the straps makes it VERY comfortable. It also makes it super easy to cross on the BOTTOM of their bums to distribute the weight/support evenly, or tie my back carries off tibetan.

Because I wore twins with this carrier, it being “tweaking” friendly was a HUGE bonus. It was simple for me to roll the body panel down once (or twice in the early days) so that it did not swallow up the girls. I did not get a chance to use it when the girls were tiny squishes, BUT I did enjoy using it with my nephew when he was only a few days old (and up!). I was able to easily add a roller receiving blanket under his bum to help prop him up. The panel is wide enough for me to “froggy leg” carry him comfortably as well. Again, the headrest REALLY came in handy when it came to needing all the extra help I could get to support his neck.

Overall, I cannot think of a reason why a MT shouldn't be a part of EVERY stash! Because these carriers can last for such a long time in your babywearing journey, spending the extra few $ for the features of Babyhawk are well worth it! From having TWO options to show when you wear to the multiple options you have with tie off the wider straps, this carrier is a must have for any babywearing mom on a budget that has some wiggle room!