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Deep Blue: The Story of My Swollen Ankle


Ever since I started feeling out my place in the oily world, I am ALWAYS looking for a reason to try something new. One day, graceful me twisted my ankle hurrying down the stairs! (Woo-Who!) So of course, it's SWOLLEN and I'm stuck gimmping around for 2 days in pain chasing two toddlers (Most of those 2 days were movie marathons though.. don't judge me....). So, we are going on day 3 of being Limpy Gimpy, when of course I face palm myself because I FORGOT ABOUT MY OILS! I was so bummed about having to miss my WORKOUT WEDNESDAY that I FORGOT I could "FIX" it!


I've done my oil research for a year, and now that I'm knee deep in actually testing the waters out I am learning EVEN MORE! This experience is just one more thing I am glad to have encountered early in my journey. SO, here is my poor little ankles story:

Since I didn't have to leave the house, putting an ice pack on my foot from time to time and limping around wasn't too much of a problem, and I didn't may much else attention to it besides stretching it. (I've done physical therapy before and I'm not really a fan of meds.) On day 3, I (FINALLY) put 2 drops of DEEP BLUE blend with a quarter size amount of coconut oil. I mix it in my hands and apply to my foot, gently massaging the oils into the tender/sore/swollen areas. I take any leftover oils and put it on my shins too (because I apply the same thing to my shin splints). I hang out with the girls for about 15-20 minutes. I take a hot shower and then went about my business. ( I used 1 drop as usual for my shin splints and rubbed the leftovers back over my ankle.)

DEEP BLUE ANKLEFEETTake a look for yourself... (sorry, I HATE feet! I tried to keep it as easy on the eyes as I could! Enjoy the ink! RIP DANIEL) When I got in the car to head to lunch, I could NOT fit my foot in my boot (too swollen), but it was literally JUST my luck that my DEEP BLUE RUB was waiting for me in my mailbox! (Between my shin splints and Dad's basketball ankle, we are in constant need of some type of "fitness pain" relief, we already know we have to order another rub next month lol.) Well, needless to say by the time our 20 minute ride to the restaurant was over, I had both my feet in my shoes! (1 a bit more snug than the other.)

After 6 hours I can see that the swelling is virtually gone. I could LITERALLY FEEL the muscles, joints, and tendons HEALING! (I don't know how else to describe it... lol). I can walk with more ease, and my boot as goes from a "snug fit" to relaxed. Now, don't get me wrong. I still had some tenderness/aching/soreness and I was sure not to push my limits, but for the most part I felt like my foot has fast forwarded about 4 more days into the healing process!

Not only have I found one more reason to LOVE this Rub (being able to go of babywearing walks on BACK TO BACK DAYS was enough to make me fall!), but I have found one more reason I am GLAD I chose to go the essential oils (EO) route. More than anything, I am glad to have found a way to take care of my body in a more natural way, and be able to offer this knowledge to the girls. (You know THEY ask for EOs and that's why we even considered using them in the first place!) It's only been about 2 months into my EO journey, but I can tell you that after only a few days I already knew I was never going to look back.



If you have any questions feel free to CONTACT ME! <3

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