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Motivation on Monday: 1000in180 Edition


15355_10205306659439835_8863538060413430328_nOften times it’s hard to find something that you LOVE to do and turn it into "work." A cause that serves a greater good. YOUR OWN way of leaving a footprint in the world, without having “ulterior motives.” For me, it was starting the blog. My own way of being able to give the future generations of the world. A way to help others find the beauty and fulfillment that parenting by following my heart and my daughters lead that I have been fortunate enough to stumble on. With that said, there is not a day that I don’t find a moment to say a prayer. To give thanks for all that I have, and the people in my life. To give strength to those without it, love to those who can't find it, and positive vibes to those who need it. This week, there is a special girl and her family in my prayers, and a different cause on my mind. 10269532_10205306654599714_3592457531227555069_nLast year from May to August, I have watched my friend Krish climb Stone Mountain 100 times!!  And since that challenge ended, he kept on climbing for this new 1000in180 challenge! (So, to put it into perspective, thats a total of 383 miles in 2014!!!!) Add in the 71 times so far in 2015 (157 miles!) Additionally,  I have been watching him, kayak, run, bike, climb,.. and work his way up to 1000 miles in 180 days. All to raise awareness and funds to help find a cure for childhood cancer. The smiles that he has put on countless faces, and the love that he has filled even more hearts with is beyond moving.

kd mm

When I think about the role he has played in these young peoples lives there is NOTHING about this friend of mine that doesn't motivate me. Who is someone that you are MOTIVATED by?

Share this post* with them as your way to tell them how much what the do means to you. Let them know they are doing a great job and to keep it up! Everyone needs a friendly reminder from time to time :D

Please check out more about his cause on his FB page and learn how you can help today! (Remember help does not always equal money!) 

Learn TONS more at the website, (where you can also sign up for a weekly newsletter and donate)

Funds raised are donated to CURE Childhood Cancer, St Baldrick's, Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research, and Truth 365

Find him on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Vine, snapchat, Tumblr, Google Plus, YouTube, FourSquare, Swarm... And LinkedIn) and they can follow either 1000in180 or Krish Dhokia