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So Far in 2015...


IMG_7715I think I say this a million and one times a year, but WOW it's ALREADY FEBRUARY!  I don't know if you remember when I did all this chit chat about a "New Year, New Start" at the beginning of the year... BUT, I think it's time for an update!Here is where we are so far....


MIND: As some of you know, I suffer from S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder). So, for me its SUPER hard to do things like find the energy I need to get through the day (without 5 cups of coffee), get motivated to get ANYTHING done, or even just get out of bed in the mornings! My "energies" depend on what I see outside my window. If it's sunny, I can get by ok. But if it LOOKS cold/gray/rainy for long stretches of days, I. just. can't! (Learn more about S.A.D. HERE!)

WHAT I'M DOING ABOUT IT: ESSENTIAL OILS!!! I have only started using them for about 3 weeks and I can already tell you I feel WORLDS of a difference. I switched to water and tea, and actually cut back on ALL coffee! And I still HAVE ENERGY ALL DAY! (I do treat myself once a week to a little decaf, and OF COURSE I have a small stash of Colombian in the freezer for emergencies!) I literally TOSS the covers off of me and don't hesitate to put my feet on the floor and start my day! AND, I'm actually EATING like a NORMAL human being too! Overall, I feel such inner calm and peace. And usually I only feel that way after spending a day in the sun (usually near a body of water I can splash in! lol)

HERE'S HOW: I use them in the morning to help wake me up (peppermint), keep me focused and zen (frankincense),  and to keep centered and calm (lavender). I also put a few drops in my daily tablespoon of coconut oil every morning (lemon) to help keep my digestion flowing smoothly, and the smell helps clear and slow the mind! Last but not least, I take a shot of coconut oil with 1-3 drops of a metabolic blend (Slim and Sassy) after most meals. I don't have those INSANE sweet cravings, nor do I get the "hunger pains" anymore. I just get a "cue" from my body that its time to replenish. And I actually WANT to eat! essential news title banner

I just started using another oil (deep blue) for the HORRID shin splints I get from all the Babywearing walks, and thanks to my oil guru, I have a few samples of the rub to hold me over until my order comes in next week! I can NOT express how AMAZING using EO has been for my life right now!  And the thing I love best is that they are NATURAL. All they do is return your body to a more natural state, unlike other medicinal alternatives. PLEASE check out my friend Sheri at THE ESSENTIAL MANATEE! Not only is she dedicated to bringing oily goodness into other peoples lives, but she KNOWS HER STUFF! Did you know: You can find her monthly Essential Oil Newsletter in your inbox if you follow our blog!

1962866_353486951518151_8834950365912749824_nBODY: SPEAKING OF shin splints and exercise.... I know I'm not the only one who has a closet full of clothes that I can't wear! No matter what I do, I can't "look cute" without looking pregnant too. I don't want to spend money on bigger clothes bc I am DETERMINED to lose the weight! I'm also determined to do AS LITTLE as possible to have to "work it off." (Trust me, chasing twin-adoes all day is PLENTY workout!)

WHAT I'M DOING ABOUT IT: Not only have I started our own weekly tradition of WORKOUT WEDNESDAY, but my friend over at LINDSAY MAC FITNESS: TONED AFTER TWINS, is getting ready to roll out her new "7 Day Mommy & Baby Workout Challenge" this week! Like her on FACEBOOK for more details, and keep your eyes peeled! You may just see a familiar brown face!

10395197_352856551581191_3966634588282942856_nIn addition to this challenge, she has been working on a "Twin Skin Test Group!" When she first asked me if I felt comfortable enough to share MY "body" with the world, and join this group I honestly was like "UH NO!" But after hearing her talk about her latest goal of wanting to help mommies feel more comfortable in THEIR OWN SKIN, I couldn't have been more thrilled. 3rd wrap- julieI can't say much about it yet, but I'm LOVING my results! And the BEST part is that being apart of this test group alone has helped motivated me to do a 180 with my eating and water intake habits! (And drop the coffee, etc etc etc. It's all a symbiotic relationship right now!) What I can say, is we both owe a HUGE thank you to Get Skinny By Julie for sponsoring this challenge! Also, for sponsoring a giveaway for ME over the holidays! CHECK OUT HER FB PAGE for more pix and info!


SOUL: This is where I take the steps I need to so that I can better myself completely from the inside out! And I'm not talking about my PHYSICAL health, I'm talking about my brain! Mental health is important to focus on! It's SUPER important to be happy. To feel at ease, and somewhat peaceful in this crazy hectic world we live in! How is anyone supposed to be able to care for ANYONE if they need to take care of themselves first?


Thanks to all this focus and balance I have found in my life again, of course you know that means that the number of hours of sleep decreased, and the office hours INCREASED. (WHICH I LOVE!!!!) The last thing that I leave you with is THE BEST PART!!!! Ever since we entered the STUFF 4 MULTIPLES  Twingaroo Baby Carrier giveaway over the holidays, life has taken ALL SORTS of crazy turns! Since then, we were sent not one but TWO carriers! (and no, it was NOT related to the contest in any way! ;) ) One is being donated to my local FREE lending library (at Anklebiter Adventures! IF you are in the Cobb County, GA area be SURE to check them out!) The other is getting to serve the purpose of why we entered the giveaway to begin with: It is getting to TRAVEL AROUND THE COUNTRY and visit other mommies! Keep an eye out for the application, which is coming later this week!

I'm not lying when I tell you that it caught me EXTREMELY off guard! What started as a fun activity between some babywearing friends has turned into a whirlwind of excitement! And on that note, I leave you with this......


I am SO PROUD to announce that I have OFFICIALLY started reviewing wraps and carriers! I started out as a DIY wrapper, and never knew anything about anything in the babywearing world except for: osnaburg and jersey knit! One of the biggest questions is not only WHAT CARRIER OR WRAP DO I NEED? (<--read a breakdown of ALL your wrap/carrier options), but WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ALL THESE OPTIONS AND WHY ARE SOME MORE $$$$ than others??? IF you follow the blog, you've already seen this section slowly roll out piece by piece! Make sure you follow the blog too so that you don't miss a beat!

Lastly, here are some words I hope you enjoy! I've been living by these lately! Thank you for being a part of this community! You are the reason I am here! <3 IMG_8247

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