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Workout Wednesday: Hard "CORE" Day


The one thing that I am having the most trouble with it this little thing around my belly. "The Mommy Muffin Top"  or "Twin Skin" so to speak. " You know, that little bit of overhang that knows how to poke over your pants JUST right. (and by just right, of course I mean to the point where you have NO TOPS that fit without making you look like you are pregnant with twins all over again.)
Welcome to the second edition of Twinmommy101's Workout Wednesday! While y'all were out busy trying to win that stunning FREE RING SLING that I am (STILL) giving away on my page (courtesy of Tandem Trouble), I've been busy behind the scenes trying to do big things for my favorite mommies! (And daddies too!)

1962866_353486951518151_8834950365912749824_nEnter my friend Lindsay Mac Fitness: Toned After Twins . She is my fitness guru! Following not only her fitness journey, but also her adventures being a M.O.M. (of now 3!) always keeps me pushing on to want to do better. She is always running some kind of awesome Mommy Fitness Challenge, and I have YET to join in on the fun with her!

To celebrate my new dedication to bettering myself mind, body, and soul, Lindsay has invited me to join her team for her latest upcoming challenge! A Mommy and Baby Workout Challenge!! Point of my story? If you like where TM101's Workout Wednesday's are going, you are REALLY going to love the treat you are soon to be in for!

IF you are participating in the RING SLING GIVEAWAY, don't forget to collect your entry points for visiting our Facebook pages! (and giving us a neighborly like if you haven't already bc its the polite thing to do! If you follow TM101's blog, you already have the WORD OF THE DAY for followers in an email! (Sign up now so you don't miss a beat!)


What's even more exciting is that ON TOP OF ALL OF THIS,  I have MORE news!!! Behind the scenes SO much MORE has been going on! In addition to fitness challenges, Lindsay also hosts other challenge groups, including a healthy living test groups! I can't say much, but I can say that you are looking at one of the testers for her Twin Skin Test Group, sponosored by Get Skinny by Julie! Be on the lookout for results and reviews coming towards the end of the month (It takes 3-7 days per treatment, and there are 4 treatments. But I will tell you more about that later! Keep an eye out on our REVIEWS section!


Additionally, I have been encorportaing the use of ESSENTIAL OILS into our daily regimens as well, and I have to say... I AM BLOWN AWAY at the changes I SEE AND FEEL from just a week of use! All of our OILY INFO CAN BE FOUND HERE! A HUGE thanks to my friend Sheri at The Essential Manatee for sharing her passion for oils with me, and helping ME get versed enough in them to pay it forward and pass the info along! Be sure to check out her guests posts! AND be on the look out every Wednesday for your Oily Workout tips!

551496_10104118577205110_6238056395390220720_nHere is your featured Oil of the Month! GREAT for workouts because is good for muscle recovery promotes circulation! The thing I LOVE about the oily life is that EVERYONE is willing to help! My friend (crazily enough from Middle School!) Megan is going to be paying us a visit soon to have a "Homemade Make and Take Playdate with us!" So of COURSE stay tuned for our "Crunchy Adventures!" You know I'll keep you updated and share the scoop every step of the way! Oils will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!

Be sure to keep these technique tips in mind no matter WHAT activity you are doing! SAFETY FIRST!!!




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