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Essential News - Winter Edition


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Welcome to my monthly newsletter.  Happy shortest month of the year to you!
Last month I talked about New Years Resolutions, and with a little help from doTERRA, I'm sticking to mine! Check out my GUEST POST about HOW EO CAN SUPPORT YOUR WORKOUT REGIMEN and see how I'm utilizing the oils to keep me going during my reacquaintance with exercise after too many years estranged from its loving embrace. (You can find all of my guest posts HERE!)


I started the year with a 30 day cleanse.  Never a bad idea given how toxic the world arounds us has become even when we try our best to eat right and avoid 'bad' things.  I've done other very restrictive and gross tasting cleanses in the past, so I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the cleanse was to tolerate. And how energized it has made me feel.  And how I could eat what I wanted, which ended up being healthier choices and less food.  My coffee craving and 'need' is down.   I used to drink a cup at home and often stop for a Venti Americano on the way to work.  Usually something at lunch too.  Now, half a cup in the morning is all I need and want.  My sugar cravings were worse than my coffee cravings!  Most days I don't even think about dessert anymore.  I've even had a bar of premium chocolate sitting neglected in my office all month!  
Here is the cleanse.  I added two drops of lemon in my water first thing in the morning.  I do NOT think the Slim and Sassy is the optional part!  I know that has been paramount in stopping my sugar cravings.  I'd be more than happy to walk you through it.  Just send me a message when you are ready to experience a real boost in your health.
Most of my scheduled classes this month are private in home classes.  
 At this point in time, I do have an introductory class on the 28th at 1 pm at Inner Health Spa on 5th Street in Springfield, IL.  This class is a Diamond Club event.  For you, this means if you bring oils into your home at or within 3 days of the class, you will get a bonus free bottle of Grapefruit oil.  But there is an added bonus.  I will have someone there who is offering a free Zytoscan to those on my oil team and those who join that day.  Only $10 for everyone else.  A Zytoscan guides you in the direction of the oils you need to balance your body.   A balanced body is a healthy body.  Remember, our bodies can heal themselves, but they need the correct input signals to do so.  Oils are complex chemistry that can provide those signals.
 I still have nights and weekends open for those who would like one-on-one, small group sessions, or who would like to host a class.  Send me a message and we can talk details including how you can get free oils for hosting.
Internet classes are always a great option as well!!!
I keep my oil classes updated as a pinned post on my Facebook page (
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basil plant

Basil is such an intriguing oil.  I chose it for this month's newsletter because I used it just last night to help my toddler with ear pain.  Is there anything worse than hearing a tiny little voice say 'it hurts' when pointing to their body?  I think not.  But I helped him with a drop of basil oil on a cotton ball and placed in his ear with the oil side facing inwards.  And a little extra rubbed around his ear.  Within 5 minutes he had stopped whimpering from pain.  Within 20 minutes he was fast asleep.  We did it again today twice just in case, but no more 'it hurts' from him!  
Random facts about this neat herb is that is it considered sacred in the Hindu cultures, believed by many to be a favorite of their gods.  In some cultures, basil is a sign of love and devotion between young couples.  Hmmm.  Never thought I'd get a Valentine's theme from our favorite 'go to' for ear pain in the little ones!
As with most essential oils, basil has been studied for its efficacy against strongly drug resistant bacteria.  Spiritually, it is thought of an an 'oil of renewal' and can be found in many blends to assist with adrenal fatigue. 
oil tip of the month EO Sheri
The oils are as versatile as we are different from each other.  If you find an oil doesn't work well with one application method, try another.  For example, a common sleep and relaxation blend works wonders for me when I use it topically, but keeps me restless if I diffuse it.  Or if you want to stick to topical and the bottom of the foot doesn't work, try the back of the neck or spine.  Remember to follow instructions for dilution and use. If the oil doesn't say for internal use, do NOT take it internally.
Fun with Oils:

DIY: Power Bites


Life is busy and is constantly on-the-go. These nutrient packed power bites are great for those days when you just need a little extra boost.
What you need:

1 cup finely shredded coconut, divided 1 cup almond butter 1 cup dried cranberries 1/2 cup raw honey 1/2 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons chia seeds 3 drops Wild Orange essential oil

Directions: 1.  Place all ingredients into mixer except for half cup shredded coconut. 2. Add essential oil. 3. Mix until well combined. 4. Roll into balls and coat in the other half cup of shredded coconut. 5. You’re done! Store in the refrigerator and eat whenever you need any extra boost of energy or before a workout.


- See more at:

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NYNY updateIn the United States, $ = Points for oils.  Some supplements do not carry a full point value.  Beyond this promotion, there are no monthly or annual purchase requirements.  You don't even have to put together newsletters ;)

Happy Oiling Closing:
Join me on my Facebook page ( for oil tips and published scientific studies studies and my Essential Manatee Facebook group ( for a small community of oil users ready to answer questions and guide your journey!
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