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Motivation Monday


Happy "Motivation on Monday" Day!

There are SO many reasons that people choose to babywear, and often times we don't even realize how many benefits we are providing for not only baby, but for ourselves! Among the many benefits, here are the few that kept ME motivated to keep on pushing through when I felt like giving up....


I have to admit that aside from a few trips in our backyard garden last year, we have NEVER used our double stroller! I also LOVE how in the earlier days, I didn't have to stress about having fussy babies AND having to "do my day" (hey, the laundry doesn't fold itself!). Most of all, having my babies so close to me (no matter what I was doing) ALWAYS made me feel on top of the world! Of course after the "babywearing high" wore off, I had to figure out if it was just me or if there really was something going on to keep me so happy and peaceful.

Here is what I learned: -How Oxytocin Relates to Babywearing -Babywearing Experiences from a Twin Fitness Mom  -Airport Traveling With Twins MINUS the Double Stroller -How Babywearing Can Impact Babies Health -What the Fourth Trimester is All About (and how Babywearing promotes it)

What motivates YOU to babywear? (Don't forget to comment for your RING SLING GIVEAWAY entry points!)