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Be My Valentine Giveaway Time!!!!!



Time to find someone to call my Valentine!!!

So here is the deal....... TT Vday Giveaway rules

Go to and go under the BE MINE tab! (If you are mobile, CLICK THIS LINK!) Once you VISIT Twinmommy101 and Tandem Trouble's FB page, you will unlock a world of opportunities to enter! YOU are in control of YOUR OWN fate!

Some entries are a ONE TIME deal (obviously you can't LIKE and FOLLOW something more than once!) Then you are going to have some entries that CHANGE DAILY! (Yup, that means that you can still keep on racking up entries EVERYDAY!)

Here are some more "Insider Tips" on our DAILY ENTRIES!

-Watch the Video of the Day!! There is a new one posted every day (duh) -Read our daily Featured Blog Post and tell us what you think! -Visit Twinmommy101's daily pinned post on Facebook and join in on the discussion! (You will find the "ENTRY WORD" that you need to get your entry points in the post!) -FOLLOW OUR BLOG! Every morning this week, I will have a special blog post to celebrate our love for babywearing and all the things that come with it. In these posts, there will be the WORD OF THE DAY  that you need for your contest entries! This word will change daily, but don't worry! Since followers receive posts DIRECTLY to their  email, it will be there waiting for you every morning! (Just remember that you WILL NOT find this word anywhere other than in your inbox!) Not only do you get exclusive entries a day, but you never know what other bonus entries will come your way!

Be sure to check for other chances to enter daily while you are there to collect your FREE DAILY ENTRY!!!!!

Good luck to you all!!! I can't wait to find my "Someone Special"!!!!!!

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