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Babywearing Review: The Family of Stretchy Wraps


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When entering in to the babywearing world, the stretchy wrap is the most readily and commercially available option. While its great that these wraps are available even in areas where babywearing is less prominent, the wraps themselves have a limited range of time of when you can use them. Out of the package the sheer length and amount of material can cause you to stop dead in your tracks. Futhermore, the learning curve can make many users want to just put it down and give up. Many experienced wearers simply gloss over these carriers due to the limited amount of carries you can do with them.

What is great about these wraps is that it is promoting babywearing and the "fourth trimester" (first three months after birth).So while stretchy wraps are very budget friendly, and easy to find, its important to weigh out both the pros and cons of them. Remember, they may not last you through even the first 6 months.


We went the DIY ROUTE. It was the best (and only) option for me. They lasted (with one in a wrap) until the girls were almost 5 months (but remember they have always been petite. I had to call it quits on tandem wrapping in a stretchy around 6 weeks with the girls. We moved on to a DIY WOVEN after that!

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Don't just take our word for it......

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