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Exercise 101


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ww-transformThe science of exercise physiology is full of words like

anterior neurohypophysis, biogenic amines, acetylcholine, and post synaptic receptors.

What the exercise physiologist really wants you to know is how physical activity improves your overall health by changing your brain chemistry. Physical activity promotes release of hormones that affect the way your muscles move, the way your heart contracts, the amount and the force with which blood is pumped through the body, and our mental health. The hormones start a cascade effect, much like a waterfall throughout the body. One hormone tags the site of another hormone which causes a change that affects the release of another hormone, which stops another hormone from releasing. This ends in free circulation of hormones that improve mood, heart function, digestion, and emotional response. The cascade effect has a wonderful affect on the body's ability to regulate itself. Everything from blood pressure and blood sugar to mood stability and regulation of emotions.

People who exercise regularly frequently feel less pain and more happiness than those who do not exercise. Combining babywearing with exercise channels two different hormone mechanisms that both elevate mood and enhance feelings of happiness.

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**NOTE: Babywearing should not replace treatments recommended by your healthcare provider but can be used to enhance the treatments and promote comfort to your child while they are unwell.  Certain fevers, particularly those higher than 101 degrees Farenheight, may indicate a serious health condition and may require the guidance of your healthcare provider. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER FOR ALL HEALTH CONCERNS. The information in this post is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, nor is it intended to replace proper medical help.