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Essential News: New Year Edition


Hope 2015 has been treating you well! I'm SO thrilled to FINALLY start incorporating ESSENTIAL OILS into our daily lives! Behind the scenes for the past few months, I have been learning SO much from all my oily friends and am PLEASED to announce that we will now be featuring a Monthly EO newsletter*!!!! So sit, back, grab your coffee (wine?), and enjoy learning a little about the beautiful combination of oils and life!
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Welcome to my third monthly newsletter, and first official post to

happy-new-year-colorful-banner-graphicDid you make a New Years Resolution this year?  I did. And I didn't.  Instead I made a vow to have a Health Revolution!!!  My goal?  To make 2015 the healthiest year I've ever seen.  My 'secret' weapon?  doTERRA essential oils.  I'm very excited about my upcoming journey and already happy with the subtle changes I've seen such as not wanting something sweet after lunch and dinner tonight!  And the best thing?  Small changes can make huge differences.  And we can start making these changes at any point in time - no need for a ball to drop or a calendar page to turn.  Today is a great day to start.

Wellness Pyramid

My next class is Saturday January 10th at 1 pm at Inner Health Spa in Springfield, IL.  It will focus on the Wellness Pyramid.
I still have nights and weekends open for those who would like one-on-one, small group sessions, or who would like to host a class.  Send me a message and we can talk details including how you can get free oils for hosting.  Internet classes are always a great option as well.*
*I keep my oil classes updated as a pinned post on my Facebook page (
did you know EO sheri
Ylang ylang is a wonderful oil with a deep, rich, intoxicating aroma. It is known to yield antidepressant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, hypotensive, nervine, and sedative effects.  It is present in our blend to help our child with anxiety disorder (the same blend used to bring peace to those with autism and ADHA as well as many other needs).  Historically some cultures placed ylang ylang flowers around the bed of newlyweds on their wedding night.  It is said that originally the flowers had no scent and they have been specially cultivated to produce the aroma that is so distinctive today. 
oil tip of the month EO Sheri
Flu season is here and it is rearing its ugly head.  My family recently discovered that diffusing The Bomb (a combination of On Guard, Lemon, Oregano, and Thyme or Melaleuca) works just as beautifully as taking this combination internally and helps the little ones out at the same time.  Added bonus is that diffusing disinfects the air and 'soft surfaces' such as couches and pillows.


For ear pain, the standard advice is to use Basil.  For some reason, this oil doesn't help me at all for ear infections.  However, a little Frankincense and Grapefruit rubbed around the ear and down the neck works wonders for me.  
Just one more reminder that if you don't see results from one oil remedy, try another!  One of my favorite parts of oil use continues to be the versatility.  Basil doesn't help my ear pain, but it still has 20+ uses in my wellness journey including adrenal gland support.  It certainly won't go to waste around my home.
Seasonal Tip:fff2 (pt2)
Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) is a form of clinical depression that shows its grey face during the darker days of winter.  In its mild form is called the 'Winter Blues' by many.  And now that the bright joyous lights of the Christmas Season are fading away, many people are more prone to feeling the grey effects of this seasonal problem.  If the grey skies of winter are decreasing your ability to function, you can look to essential oils as one more tool in your arsenal to bring some functionality back into your life while waiting for spring.

promotions EO sheri
doTERRA has extended the below offer until January 15th. I started my oil journey on 1/15/14 - the last day of last year's Frankincense promotion.  So there is a little extra happiness in my heart that this promotion has been extended until the 15th!  Add that Frankincense has helped my husband with nerve pain, smells amazing, helps my ear infections, plays an important roll in my sleepy blend, and just makes me happy....well this oil is my absolute favorite!

NYNYAnd back yet again is the New Year New You promotion, which gives you 100 points to spend on oils if you choose to activate your wholesale account this month and place a 100 point order in February.  In the United States, $ = Points for oils.  Some supplements do not carry a full point value.  Beyond this promotion, there are no monthly or annual purchase requirements.  You don't even have to put together newsletters ;)

Happy Oiling Closing:
Join me on my Facebook page ( for oil tips and published scientific studies studies and my Essential Manatee Facebook group ( for a small community of oil users ready to answer questions and guide your journey!
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