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Holiday Fun Recap


SO...... SO much to talk about in regards to the holiday season! First and foremost, the twincesses had a GREAT time at grandparents house! They got to spend some extra "one on one" time with them saturday evening, and mommy and daddy enjoyed a little "date night" at home (which consisted of some laying in bed, watching tv, and junking out on food; daddy catching up on xbox time; and mommy getting some ZZZZZ's lol)  The girls were missed greatly and I couldn't get to them soon enough! (although I wasn't complaining too much about the few extra hours of sleep.... I had to wake up to pump twice SOOOOO...... it wasn't like I just got to sleep the whole time lol)

Me and hubby had a bit of a disagreement about their milk intake over the Christmas holiday, which is making me go back to do some research and inquiring about their amounts. I have been giving them 3 oz after waking and 2 before napping, which puts them at a grand total of 5 oz per "feeding" (they are just split up).  I have read that breast milk changes over time nutrients wise (true as the sky is blue), but I have also read that it changes in such a way that the intake amount remains somewhat constant due to the nutrients changing.  Supposedly that is why formula fed babies eventually increase their intake to the 6, 8, 12 oz levels over time, because it is the same thing from the beginning. (breast milk and feeding is SO amazing to me!) I will be in touch with my lactation consultant monday for more answers and an update for the other curious minds out there! (I feel another breastfeeding blog coming on, especially since i need to up the supply AGAIN! :/)  Anywho, here are the girls opening their presents from grandma and grandpa! They got mostly books (which made the nerd in me too happy for words!) They also got some toys for their oncoming developmental stages and some clothes from their Abuela! :) They enjoyed ripping the wrapping paper off their gifts, and I surely can not wait for next year when they can do it all by themselves! IMG_6142 IMG_6141 as you can see, even with gift opening, the sweet sister love prevails! IMG_6140 IMG_6139 IMG_6138 IMG_6137 IMG_6136

My big girls feeding themselves their Christmas lunch!


IMG_6129It's SO funny to me that she tries to guard the bottle like she does her boobies! lol IMG_6130 Sweet NadiIMG_6128 IMG_6127Growing WAYYYYYY too fast! IMG_6126