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As the Holiday season approaches, I want to make sure that I slow down and take the time to remember what this time of year is all about! One of my good friends has had a summer that we will definitely never forget, and I can not think of a better person to give thanks for than her and her mother! I have watched, and admired, her strength and heart grow even more as she embarked on her journey to becoming a new mom. Here's the catch! She only had a WEEK to get ready to bring them home! Them being her sweet nieces (1 and a newborn at the time). Not only have I had a chance to help support her as a new mom, but I have been able to help teach her how to babywearing and have enjoyed being able to spend time with and be a part of these girls lives!

Here is a little about her story. She shares it willingly with you all, and I am hopeful that it helps bring a little more light to foster parents! It takes a special kind of person to selflessly turn their whole life around at the drop of a hat and care for another being, whether they are blood or not.....

"So we found everything out on a Monday (the day after M was born and 6 days before the Twincesses First Birthday Party!).  Apparently, not only did M join us as a preemie (it's hard to say how early due to lack of prenatal care), but she was a victim of prenatal substance abuse. That was the day my whole life changed. That evening we had to meet DFCS with L (1 at the time), and they decided to take her at that time. We were told there would be a court hearing Thursday we would have to be at. From that point (Monday night) I barely ate and slept. Thursday, we went to court and then had to go to the DFCS office.

At the DFCS office it was paperwork after paperwork after paperwork. We then had to go to the sheriff's office and have a drug test done. Friday we had our in home visit where they came to check the house out. It was by this time that we had to have the majority of all the things we needed to care for the girls (beds, cribs, clothes, toys, safety precautions, bath stuff... the WHOLE shebang!) We also had the choice Saturday or Sunday to be able to spend some time with Lexi. Of course we picked Sunday  for the twins bday party, but we still had to take her back to her current foster home. Getting to spend time with her was overwhelmingly joyous for us, but it was even harder to say goodbye.

Monday I had to have a physical and Tuesday my Mom had her physical. Wednesday I had to go and get my final paperwork from my doctor about my physical. Thursday was the big day for M...they finally were able to release her from the hospital into our care!!! The 10 days that she spent in the NICU were the longest. I wasn't even allowed in the room to hold her because I had "no parental rights" until she came home with us. (So, only the nurses got to hold and love on her!) My mom didn't get her final paperwork from her doctor until Friday. So she had to go get that, drop it off at the DFCS office and then she was off to bring L home.  Even though the girls were home, we still had to go through the fingerprinting process, which we did in the following couple of weeks of the girls coming home.

Learning to babywear and how to take care of these two sweet girls has been one of the best things to ever happen to me, and we continue to pray that they are able to stay with us! Thanks to all our friends and family who are supporting us along the way! WE LOVE YOU GIRLS!"

Learn more about foster parenting HERE and keep this sweet family in your thoughts and prayers as their story continues to unfold!