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Sew, I Started This New Tradition....


Because DIWALI is all about starting the NEW year with a NEW start (with dressing in new clothes being one of the traditions), I ACCIDENTALLY started a NEW tradition of our own!

Obviously the girls have always been on the smaller side. (To put into perspective, at 15 months they are still comfortably fitting in clothes ranging from 6-12 MO), and they do not import Indian clothes in sizes that small.

For the girls first DIWALI (which happened to be the same day as their first GOVARDHAN PUJA), I had some "Western" dresses picked out for the girls to wear and was pretty much set for the big day. Well of course the DAY OF the puja I decided that I wanted the girls to enjoy the day to the fullest (i.e. in Indian dresses; HERE'S more about dressing for Diwali).

We made a trip to the Indian (imported) fabric store around noon (an hour drive), we got home and I sewed their dresses, got everyone (including Dad) ready and out the door by 5:30pm. Oh yeah, I DIDN'T have a sewing machine at the time! I did it all by hand, and with the quickness! (thank you elementary school Girl Scouts! My mother was the troop leader.. HI MOM!)

The next time they needed a new traditional Indian dress was for their ANNAPRASHAN CEREMONY  at 6 months. I still faced the "size issue," so it was BACK to the Indian fabric store (but BEFORE the day of this time!) And this time I had a sewing machine! (Thanks Santa!)

And even though now they have clothes that came STRAIGHT from India (thanks Grandpa!) that they fit into, I didn't see myself being ok with NOT making them dresses again for Diwali!

Now that I have a machine, I like to dabble in sewing every now and then... There is SO much I want to learn and try to spend at least a few days a month doing something sewing related (mainly so I don't get rusty).

Here are each of the festivities that I made outfits for:









Other projects I have sewn:


I will be posting more about how I did these in the near future! Feel free to CONTACT ME if you have any questions!

Feel free to stop by our PINTEREST for more creative (and cooking) fun!!