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SSC's.... So So Comfy??


I feel like I'm "officially" a babywearer after getting to play with soft structured carriers (SSC's) for the first time! (I've only ever use wraps and a Mei Tai (mt) before.) It really was not bad AT ALL.  I do have a few things I would like to say about SSC's in general after the time I spent with them today...

The carriers we used today were borrowed courtesy of Anklebiter Adventures FREE Lending Library: The Boba SSC 4G (black) Onya Baby Cruiser (white/tan)



I would recommend a SSC for anyone who is wanting to explore babywearing, but may not have the time(to learn)/access/confidence to wrap.

  • SSC's would be a GREAT option for someone who needs to have quick ups (especially if it's a frequent thing) or would be tandem wearing a lot on their own (especially out of the house
  • I would definitely recommend having one mt or SSC on hand just because of the pure fact that they are very quick and handy. When you need a quick up for fussing baby you don't always have the option to wrap and that can sometimes even within itself make it worse.
  • One thing that the SSC REALLY won me over with are the zipper pouches! No need to worry about your phone, keys, etc. (Obviously, features will vary with each carrier.) We all know pockets are usually non-existent when it comes to women's clothing, so I am extra excited about this!  The Boba carrier we tried out today even has purse strap holders, so you don't have to worry about your bag sliding off your shoulders! 
  • The Onya Babys also have the "wear in the chair" feature! Why would you EVER want to lug a carseat around when you can now REALLY take and secure your baby ANYWHERE??
  • So.... When it comes to tandem wearing with 2 SSC's at the same time, it feels REALLY bulky!!! A woven wrap it doesn't feel as big as it looks. I always feel so whole when I wrap the girls, and it takes me a minute to figure out why people look at me funny when I'm out and about all "st-wrapped up." With the 2  SSC's, I believe my words were "feel" "like" and "whale." I'm sure it depends on the carrier you use as well (the Onya is wonderful, but don't forget it has the high chair in it, so your pouch is just a TOUCH poofy (not necessarily "Bulky" by itself.)

Using these carriers today, flashed me back to The Big Latch On event we attended at Piedmont Park and I was by myself with the girls (well I was with a friend, but she had her toddler and infant in tow as well). All I had was my wrap (size 4) and our MT. A SSC, with the buckle, would have REALLY made life a whole lot easier then. BUT, I would not have done it with two to tandem wear.

I WOULD have liked to been about to use one carrier AND a wrap though! (PSA: DO NOT thread your wrap THROUGH the straps of your carrier. Our FAQ about babywearing section has more info)

Since I didn't have the opportunity to try using my wrap and a carrier, please be sure to keep an eye out for more updates in the near future! (If you FOLLOW our blog, our updates come straight to your inbox!)

#wearallthebabies! and see you soon! <3

*A big thanks to Ms. Jenn from ANKLEBITER ADVENTURES  for taking time out of her day to not only bring us these, but for also teaching me how to use them AND giving me tips about SSC's. Ankebiter Adventures (one of our partners!) is a meetup group who's many events are focused around child socialization, child-parent bonding, and even education!! If you are local to Cobb County, GA please be sure to check them out! And come play with us!!!