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New Years In October???


Before Thanksgiving or even Halloween, we enjoy welcoming fall with DIWALI! As a first generation mommy, I REALLY want to expose the girls to some of their heritage/culture/background. While I have always enjoyed my Indian heritage, I would be lying if I said I always EMBRACED it. Looking back, I wish I would have spent more time learning about it. But, what I AM looking forward to is the chance to learn all about it WITH them! The WHOLE Diwali celebration is FIVE days long! Diwali literally means "a row of lights."  Diwali is better known as "The Festival of Lights." Rows of lights (candles or lamps) are lit to drive away ignorance and darkness. It is also meant to awaken the "light within ourselves" too. It is also traditional to clean the house for a fresh start (and now you know how the CLEAN HOUSE CHALLENGE was born!).  It is also tradition to wear new clothes at the time of the festival, so I started the tradition last year (on accident) to hand make the girls dresses (which you can find on our PINTEREST!)

The girls skirts before the final touches were added!


Yay for Fairy Cami!




I had literally NOTHING to wear this day! When in doubt, grab one of hubby's shirts, a big belt, and some leggings! (This thing has pockets I may never go back to saris! lol)IMG_5615 A BEAUTIFUL drive by shot of the ATL skyline! (I may not be GA's #1 fan. but I sure do put on for my city!) IMG_5593

After Diwali comes Govardhan Puja! This day commemorates the day that when Lord Krishna lifted the mountain of Govardhan on his left pinky to offer shelter to the villagers when Indra (a celestial God) made it rain treacherously for 7 days because his pride was hurt when he learned that a 7 year old boy had convinced people to worship the mountain instead. (Krishna is the Supreme God in Hinduism).

IMG_5666 A re-creation of the mountain. Made entirely of sweets! (Note the thunderbolt center top! The "rain" from the storyIMG_5663 govahdran IMG_5639Someone had a little too much fun! <3 IMG_5667

By no means is this post meant to start up a religious debate, bashing, or anything else other than just to SHARE INFORMATION! (It's a topic I don't prefer to bring up BUT this occasion is a big part of our lives and knowledge is power right! ;) )

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous New Year! For more information check out these links!

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