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The Clean House Challenge: Sunday Edition


If you have been following "The Toddlerhood Experience" MINI SERIES, the you know I have been looking around trying to figure out A) HOW IN THE HECK my house got so dirty? and B) WHEN THE HECK I am going to find the time to clean it up!!! The finer details are still in the works, but here is a sneak peak into what this "Challenge" will look like. I use the word challenge very loosely. Sure it's something that you may have to push yourself to get motivated to do, BBBUUUUTTTTTTT, it will have several options for "difficulty" with NO pressure to overwork/exhaust yourself with your cleaning. ;)

One theory that I have is that it is next to impossible to get ANYTHING done when things are not where they belong (and I am still trying to figure out how I have been functioning for the last few weeks! lol).  With the big transition into toddlerhood, our house has become more fast paced, and I really do have to be ready for anything! That means I have to have my T's crossed and my I's dotted for sure!

Sundays are probably my most favorite day of the week. The paper comes, and fall is the best because we have football!!! It is the ONE day a week when I know we will all be home and getting the last of our lazies out WHILE getting ready to do it all over again!

I have had the same "Sunday Vibe" since I was 19 (living on my own, working and going to school. Some of the BEST days I've had! ;) ) For me, Sunday's have always been "Week Prep" days. It's just that now my Sundays are full of organizing the weeks blog work, folding tiny socks, and 2 adorable distractions during football games (none of which I mind!)

I always have used Sundays (pre-baby) as a day to get my shopping, laundry, and cleaning done, so that I am ready to take on the week. It's not so easy these days, but only because I LET THEM be not so easy.


Ways to CLEAN Your House and Have FUN With Your Kids!


On Sundays, my goals will be

-LAUNDRY: get as caught up as I can; organize drawers (i.e. make sure everything is put away in its PROPER place); clear out empty hangers in closet  (so ALL empty hangers are in their own designated space. makes life easier right!) There is nothing better to do with your hands during a football game anyways... aside from eating!

-CLEAN KITCHEN: this includes (but is not limited to) vacuuming "trim" edges,  moping floor, cleaning out leftovers from fridge, clearing off table; wiping down girls table and chairs

-PLAN MENU: figure out what you have in your kitchen and what you need to buy to whip up the tasty treats your family will love AND save some money! prep "meal bags" for 3 days (helpful if you are making smoothies, I also do this with their "snack bags")

-TIDY ROOMS: not as tedious as it sounds! Just pick things up off the floor; sweep/vacuum; dust shelves/wipe "countertops"; make sure everything is in its "home"; "basket-ize" the mess (if there is a ton of stuff laying around that I just need to sort through, I put it all in a box/basket so the room is "clean" and my mess is in one place to sort through later. "Visual" cleaning :) )

-CLIP COUPONS: i NEVER get to this... but it's always on the list!

*I know you notice the different colors.... They are your challenge levels:


Ok, but WAIT A SECOND! I have TODDLER(S) to entertain and chase too! REMEMBER??? Well, this is what makes this challenge SO.... (dare I say it?) FUN!! One thing I think we forget sometimes as parents is that we HAVE TO stop for a minute and try to see the world through our children's eyes! It's a 2 way street when it comes to co-existing. Right?  SO, for every "task" that you do during The Clean House Challenge,  you HAVE TO pair it with a "toddler activity"! Now because Sunday is more set in stone, the activities are already paired with a task, but, in the main part of the challenge YOU get to call all the shots!

-LAUNDRY: put (towels/socks/too small baby clothes*/baby clothes) in a separate/small laundry basket (Dollar Tree anyone?) and put it out when you are doing your laundry. ENCOURAGE your toddler to help you "fold the clothes" with their basket. Show them how much fun "Whipping" the wrinkles out can be, or how matching the edges and making your shirt smaller is SO AWESOME! OR, just throw some clothes in the air and cut loose for a few minutes!

-CLEAN KITCHEN: bring a few kitchen toys in and let them run around the kitchen and play while you clean! (can you gate off your exits?); ABC magnets are $1 at Wal-Mart; paper and crayons aren't bad to keep handy in the kitchen! (I like THESE crayons bc they are like markers... but with crayons!); snack time is always a good way to occupy toddler attention; play the "Open/Close" game; let them count your granola bars (or whatever you have individually wrapped that WON'T get "crumby"; sensory bags are great too! (Look those up on Pintrest! We will be attempting some soon! :) )

-PLAN MENU: Momma, you may be on your own here! (Nap time= get it done time!)

-TIDY ROOMS: this is the PERFECT time for some PLAY!  Gating off the hallway (and closing the bedroom doors) makes for a great road for the girls ride on cars. Mega block/legos are a good distraction (on the bed especially if you are trying to clean YOUR OWN room for a change!); put some books out for them to "read", play a movie (we only do up to 30 min of screentime a day <Hola Bebe>, and friday we have Movie day, which is usually spent with bfast in bed and lazying with all of the above activities sprinkled in. Weekends are a little more lax since we are a big football house, and sometimes slowing down to get family snuggles on the sofa with a movie is good too!)

-CLIP COUPONS: give them sections of the paper Im not going to read so they can "flip" through them! Show them how to "rip clip" your coupons!

Now, don't get me wrong... By NO MEANS am I saying that its white picket fence picture perfect around here! It usually takes me an extra hour to do my coupons (since I have several intermissions to stretch my legs and work up my heart rate!). BUUUUTTT, its perfect! I mean the girls and I have at LEAST another 17 years to hang out together.... so why not enjoy it early? (I have a feeling/some hopes that will make things better for us all in the long run too!)

Ok, I've rambled enough for one day! Be on the look out for the FULL CHALLENGE!!!! It's coming soon, and I couldn't be more excited!!! (If you FOLLOW our blog, all our happenings come STRAIGHT TO YOU!!!)  You can always learn more about our adventures in the TODDLERHOOD in the mean time!