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And Who Exactly Is Cleaning THIS Mess?? (pt. 2)


The mess just never ends! I feel like when I clean one thing, there is always something else waiting for me! After feeling like the whole house was falling apart around me, I HAD TO fix the problem! I can't set our new routine in motion until everything is in place, soooooo.......... first things first! "Clean up, clean up! Everybody everywhere..." Day 2: TUEDAY- I had to find a way to cram "running the day," cleaning the playroom, and making an hour long trip to the "Indian Fabric Store" with Grandpa and masi (my sister) into one day! (That trip included LOTS of super tasty Indian food, which equaled NAP after I got home too! lol)

  • after breakfast (during which time I used to get their snack bags and water cups ready for the day... while I sip my coffee) we went straight back to the play room. The girls continued to have fun in the mounds of mess from the day before (read AND see more about that in PART ONE), as I tried to figure out the best way to set everything up... here's what we ended up with that day


When I finally came up for air, I realized I had achieved that in 24 HOURS! AND all with my kids WITH me! Of course I had to take a little time to do things like blow up a few balloons,  and I actually made some games for them while i cleaned. I can't believe I'm saying this but, I had FUN CLEANING!!!

I mean, come on now.... I had a chance to hang out with my girls all day AND get things done... And why should I be the only one enjoying this??  Of course my gears got grinding..... and you know what that means right? FUN FOR EVERYBODY!!!!! Are you ready for.....


Ways to CLEAN Your House and Have FUN With Your Kids!

I'm still finishing up the finer details, and will be bringing this to you sometime next week! (Once I finish sifting through my own mess lol.) The thing is, before I realized what was going on (or even how much I was really getting done)

So, how does all of this tie this into the our MINI SERIES: "The Toddlerhood Experience" you may be wondering....


Toddlers are notorious for getting into EVERYTHING right? One thing I refused to do was spend all that time and energy "child proofing."  Of course we put the door "locks" on the cabinets under the sink on account of the dishwashing soaps and a few cleaning products.... (not many, since we make our OWN products!)

One thing that has come in very handy is the way we have always communicated with the girls. So here is an example... Let's talk kitchen cabinets..... Unless you put the latches on ALL the doors (NO THANK YOU!), how in the world do you keep the kiddos out of them?

 We play the "open/close" game so they dont get in trouble for opening the doors, they just don't get a chance to get INTO anything bc o tell them to CLOSE the doors and then we just keep going... open... close.. open... close

well it took time to teach them open and close.. but we have been doing that ever since tehy could walk around they upostairs... (10-11 mo) and now its smooth sailing (most times)

We combined "first lunch" with getting ready time  (and of course were still late). Buuuuuut, I to managed to look like a human being for a change! We ate our second lunch after the fabric store trip.


Some of the fabric for the girls Diwali dresses! I am ecstatic to be able to offer my girls such an awesome tradition! <3 10420423_561302100637728_4620587444917291404_n

ppn indianfood

Babywearing really does save the day ALL. THE. TIME.