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Workout Wednesday


If you were with us for International Babywearing Week this year, you may remember hearing the name Lindsay Mac Fitness: TONED AFTER TWINS... well guess what! SHE'S BACK!


I LOVED having her SO much for "WORKOUT WEDNESDAY" that I am going to keep that one coming back EVERY WEEK! (I just needed last week off to rest!)

Just because it's getting cold out, doesn't mean I have an excuse to keep hiding (what I didn't feel like showing off in my bikini this year) under heavy winter clothes!!! If anything, I'm EVEN MORE motivated to get in better shape!10702054_302876136579233_5111907959850137589_n

I have started going back on our BABYWEARING walks, and am currently looking for some mommies who are interested in joining me in a little (online) babywearing workout challenge! (Shoot me a message on FB if YOU are interested!)


We will be walking 4 days a week (minimum).  If the weather is meh, we'll settle for the treadmill. (Can't win em all! Right?) One day out of the week (Wednesday... obviously), we will actually get down and dirty with it and WORKOUT!

Our friend Lindsay Mac is busy designing a series of babywearing workouts, and this is just the first of many to come!


Be sure to check out TONED AFTER TWINS for more "Daily inspiration, motivation, and tools, for a successful health and fitness journey."




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