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And Who Exactly Is Cleaning THIS Mess??


Have you ever woken up one day and noticed that ("overnight") laundry has piled up everywhere, there are dishes in the sink, and being able to walk without kicking, hopping over, or just flat out stepping on something is nearly impossible? If so, then you just MIGHT have a toddler (or 2!). Welcome to the "What happened to my house" club! I'm very guilty of having many of these "wake up" moments, without realizing it's happened, OR how to fix it! I have been needing to clean up our guest room (and set up my office), catch up on the GAZILLIONS of loads of laundry that have piled up EVERYWHERE, my pantry has no sense of organization, and omg the girls playroom and toys are all SORTS of out of whack! WHEN IN THE WORLD am I gonna get this done? I'm too busy chasing around TWO TODDLERS!!!! waaaaahhhhhhh

On Monday, I finally just decided to DO IT! Jump in head first and get things all situated and in the right spot. (There's no way to do ANYTHING when NOTHING is where it belongs.) And I'm sure you can just imagine the fun the twins had when I dumped out EVERY. SINGLE. TOY. in that playroom! *PAR-TAY!* They were so busy getting lost in the mess, that it gave me time to get the whole "kitchen corner" done, and some ideas going. My goal is to go through EVERY TOY and sort out what we do and don't need, pull out all the "baby" toys, and set everything up BIG GIRL STYLE! Here's what the room looked like today, and the (little) progress we made!


(and a sweet shot of sissy love! I LOVE when they feed each other! <3)




So all of this happened AFTER we had breakfast. (We are eating like CRAZY and you can find our weekly menus and recipes on our Pinterest ;) ) We did run around in the living room a little bit, which gave me a chance to put all of my shirts on the hanger (I just so happened to have my shirts to hang laying draped over the sofa.... hmmpppffff) Usually, after "first lunch" we take a nap (which means mommy gets work/chore time), but today we jumped straight back into our BABYWEARING WALKS! (We LOVE BABYWEARING! In case you can't tell!)


(P.S. If you are interested in joining me for a little (online) babywearing workout challenge message me on FB! I'm pretty sure this will include some fun healthy eating info/ recipes too!)

After our walk, the girls were drifting off so I laid them down in their cribs for a nap. And that lasted for about... oh 5 minutes! So, instead of going in and fighting them about it, we just had some low key, chilling fun! I needed to clean the guest room. I had to move the bed, wash and put away SOOOOO many clothes, and move my desk. SO, we had a snack (I like to call it the FC-3)


I got all the clothes out for wash (in the middle of the hall lol. Where they sat until Daddy took over for bathtime), I moved everything around and got my desk in the room (from the nursery... long story... but the girls still sleep in our room if that helps you out any!), and got some of the girls room back in order. It was a beyond productive afternoon, and I got to do it all while hanging out with my girls! #twinning!! At one point I blew up some balloons and that helped give us something to play with AND I could continue to organize my stuff!

Also, yesterday at Aunt Amber's baby shower, the girls played corn hole and had SO MUCH FUN! (You can catch some of the action on our next VLOG! <3) And today they were throwing around their little cloth training undies I had tried to sew a few months ago (and miserably failed! BUT, I want to go back to EC VERY SOON so..... We'll see where that wind blows us)

Point of my story is that by the end of the day, I ended up taking 15 min before dinner and sewed them up some bean bags (with split green peas and scraps!). I cut a hole in our Pampers box and TA DA!!! Toddler cornhole! (Once I finish this, it WILL be going on our TODDLER ACTIVITY PINTEREST BOARD... In case you are looking for more ideas like this!)


We had some dinner (you can find it and our other WEEKLY MENUS on our Pinterest too!) and while it was in the oven, I unloaded and caught up on the dishes (we only had a few today... switching snacks to Ziplock bags REALLY helped!). By the time they were done eating, I had been able to do SOME light tidying up and the dinner mess away.

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So... having been so successful with this today, I am going to be making a list of the things I do each day for a week. And use it to bring you


A laid back, flexible, EASY GUIDELINE on ways you can keep that mess from getting to you! And if you really just need to start from scratch and clean EVERY INCH of your house then, THIS IS FOR YOU!!!! COMMENT ON OUR FB POST (with this link) IF YOU WANT IN!!!

IF you follow our blog, everything will come directly to you so you don't miss anything! <3

See you soon!



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