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 I honestly don't know where I would be today if I would not have found BABYWEARING (BW)!

IMG_4771It  has been a HUGE part of our activity time, the only way we go out and about with the girls, and flat out one of the BEST decisions I have made as a mommy! I became interested in wearing because I wasn't sure how else I was going to keep my sanity through some parts of my day! (2 hands and 2 babies didn't really seem to add up in my head.) I grew to love the idea of bw after I learned the many benefits to babywearing, but was SO intimidated in the beginning. So many different wraps, carriers, terms, abbreviations, rules!!!! The feeling can be overwhelming!!

My goal is to create the place that I wish I would have found when I first started out, because expecting and preparing for twins (or even just one baby) isn't scary enough right.....

We started wearing at 3 weeks old (8/20), and were about 6 and 5 lbs. Now I can't lie to you. In the beginning I cried. (And we are talking more than a few times!) I thought "I'm NEVER gonna get this! I'm doing it wrong." but I kept trying. The feeling that I got when I was finally able to nail it was indescribable and SO worth all the tries (and fails). detached-parents-modern-parentingHaving my girls right back squished up with me AND having my hands free?? def #twinning in my book! When we are out of the house, we pretty much only wear the girls. (They sit in highchairs when we go out to eat, and walk around if we are at the park or play event. But all shopping and "outings"  the girls are up, and they love it!). I would much rather have my babies close and snuggly. Where I can kiss, touch and interact with them more easily.  This makes our conversations more meaningful and easier for us all to enjoy "the scenery" (for ex: at the grocery store, we can teach em all the different fruits/vegs/foods bc they are eye level with us!)  They can hang out, nurse, and sleep peacefully in their "pouches" (I think the hardest part is actually having to take them out once they are asleep because they are so comfortable snuggled up with me! but hey, sometimes mommy needs a nap too!)

  I leave you with some advice that I wish I would have gotten when I first started wrapping! (Thank you Lyle Mastin Leake for writing it SO beautifully! <3)10264789_10101377334223528_576331890_n


(Don't forget about our YouTube channel where you can find videos of how to do each of these carries and more! Click on the name of the carry below for more info as well!)

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