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Money, Money, Money..... Let's SAVE MONEY!


For a while I have been wanting to do this, so I am sitting down RIGHT NOW to get this post out of the way! (The longer I wait, the longer we ALL have to wait to see the extra $ in our pockets!) After the girls started solid foods, we started venturing to Sam's a little more frequently (AND the Farmers Market! I LOVE the Farmers Market! Freshest produce AND best prices! Well most of them anyways....) I started thinking "Man, I can really save some money with my shopping if just stop and think about it for a minute!" I had just recently gotten into couponing AND clean eating. Not a great mix for me at the same time, because all the coupons were for things that I wasn't buying anymore. Our fridge is starting to LOOK like a produce department itself. We took our first stab at gardening this year and had a BOUNTIFUL supply of crops! (It's so weird to say crops lol.) We saved SO much $ on lettuce, spinach, tomatoes (made and froze marinara and salsa.. recipes on our PINTEREST), eggplant, jalapeños, green onions, oregano, green peppers, and waiting on strawberries, blueberries, onions, sweet potatoes, and potatoes!!!! Next year I will be featuring our gardening tips and info. (It seemed so intimidating to start. Where do we put what? What needs more sun? Less sun? etc etc)

I started buying more foods and other products from Sam's and have REALLY seen some $ stacking up in our pockets! I haven't had to buy shampoo, face wash, toothpaste, soap, or mouthwash for about 6 or so months (and still have a while to go!) TP, wipes, and paper towels are only bought every few months. Even formula when we were using it was much cheaper in "bulk." (AND if you receive the similac "check" coupons, you CAN USE THEM!)

I am going to be logging our shopping trips AND costs HERE as we go. Between the food and the products we buy, I have been curious myself... and of course you know that means I am going to share! <3