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As an OFFICIAL CELEBRATING ORGANIZATION of International Babywearing Week 2014, I am going to be spotlighting each of the different daily themes of BWI (Babywearing International) so we can all SHARE THE ADVENTURE!!!!

There will be DAILY GIVEAWAYS as well as a chance to enter to win our "Carry of the Day" Grand Prize  DAILY!!!!! DON'T MISS OUT!


"Shout It Out Sunday"

 The focus as we jump into babywearing week is  THE ROLE OF THE INTERNET FOR LEARNING ABOUT BABYWEARING. I will share MY PERSONAL experiences with learning how to wrap SOLEY from YouTube videos and share our story. We are going to want to hear from you about how YOU learned about babywearing! And, when you share YOUR story, you QUALIFY TO WIN something! (Be sure to check out our GIVEAWAYS ANNOUNCEMENT starting 9/28)


How are YOU building up the momentum to kick off Babywearing week? Me and my ladies will be celebrating by attending our very first BABYWEARING DANCE CLASS with ANKLEBITER ADVENTURES!!  We are also going to be starting off the week just right by hosting OUR FIRST OFFICIAL GIVEAWAY!!!!! 


Today is going to be all about LEARNING. What do you hope to learn from participating in our COTD Event? Or even just from IBW in general? Do yo hope to teach anything to anyone during the week? Today will be extra special to me because one of my dearest online twin mommy friends. who just so happens to be one of our sponsors, SHARISSESPIECES  is going to be sharing her FIRST TIME WRAPPING EXPERIENCES. I will be sharing both of our stories for our desire to learn and teach, and look forward to reading about yours!


 LETS GET SWEATY! We are going to be all about FITNESS! I am SO excited to be going on my first babywearing hike and will be looking forward to seeing all of YOUR sweating that day! I will be featuring one of our sponsors, LINDSAY MAC FITNESS: TONED AFTER TWINS. Since she JUST had a baby and is al about the fitness..... well I'll let you piece together the rest. ;)


ALL THINGS MEMORIES! I am REALLY looking forward to sharing our experiences about out "firsts" in babywearing, AND hearing (and seeing) all of YOURS! This is one of the days I am MOST excited about! We all started somewhere, and won't be the last ones to feel like we will never make it past the "initiation phase" lol.  We will be hosting a VERY SPECIAL giveaway to celebrate this day too!


HOW DOES BABYWEARING SAVE YOUR DAILY LIFE? What things does it help you accomplish that would otherwise be impossible? What kinds of activities do you engage in when you are wearing? Do you wear mostly at home? Over the past 14 months, I have NO CLUE where we would be without it! 


PUT ON FOR YOUR CITY!!!! (As an "ATLien" I couldn't help myself! lol) Today is all about showing off your city!) What makes your city special! How are you celebrating babywearing in your city today (and everyday!) We'll be looking for YOUR PICTURES to wrap up our LAST CHANCE TO ENTER the "Grand Prize COTD Giveaway!"