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So, I know I've been kind of a big tease for the past few days with my giveaway announcements... but ALL THAT  is about to change! Today I'm announcing a GIVEAWAY THAT ANYONE has a chance to enter to win!! And there is MORE of that to come!!!!  (Did you know: Some people have already qualified to enter and their names are already sitting in a bowl, just WAITING to be drawn!!!! Keep an eye on our IG/Pintrest for a chance to get your name in that bowl before GIVEAWAY DAY too!!)

BWI has a list of "Daily Themes," (being revealed at 12:20PM TODAY!!!!) and I am going to having a little spotlight on each. MONDAY (10-6) IS "MOMENTUM MONDAY," and WE are going to building the momentum for International Babywearing Week by hosting OUR FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY!!!




TO WIN THIS GIVEAWAY: This giveaway will be happening on MON 10/6, to celebrate International Babywearing Week!

Pop over to our FB PAGE , then LIKE AND SHARE the GIVEAWAY post AND TAG A FRIEND who you want to "Share the Adventure" with this week!) That's ALL you have to do! Depending on the response on IG over the next few days, I will decide if there will be an IG chance to enter too! ;) More chances for YOU to WIN FREE STUFF!!!!

Feel free to REPIN OUR PIN about sling ring safety info (found on the "BABYWEARING" board) in case you need more info about Sling Rings!