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Gentle Parenting twins teaches you effective alternatives to mainstream parenting and how to incorporate it into your everyday parenting life.


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There are MANY people I owe thanks to for their help BEHIND THE SCENES. I am still VERY new to the blogging world, and am sure that you have gathered by now that I've NEVER done anything like this before! (I had done a little something for World Breastfeeding Week at the last minute which inspired me to give Babywearing Week a stab!)

Three of my sponsors have contributed more than in just their physical donations. (My fourth sponsor is only a few weeks into running their business and I have SO MUCH enjoyed being able to give back by providing them with the same support other have shown me :) !)  These three lovely ladies have each also spent countless hours on phone calls, emails, and text messages with me for the past MONTH!!!!

To show my appreciation for all that they have done, I had to do a little something extra for them! So I will be featuring THREE:



I know that again this is not something that you can "enter to win," but after you wake up tomorrow, it will be a WHOLE DIFFERENT BALLGAME!

(If you follow our blog, you may just get an first hand sneak peak at tomorrow's ENTER TO WIN GIVEAWAY!!!! Maybe even an exclusive chance to enter?? Stay tuned!!!!)