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If you have been following our adventure of getting ready for International Babywearing Week 2014, then you already know that we have partnered up with ANKLEBITER ADVENTURES to do some giveaways and other fun things to celebrate!

If you are a local mom DEFINITELY check out their MEETUP SITE to find fun things to do in a warm and supportive environment! This group's many events are focused around child socialization, child-parent bonding, and even education!! I am so excited to have an opportunity to participate in ALL of their events for International Babywearing Week! AND I get to meet some local parents on top of it!!!

Anklebiter Adventures will be hosting a few giveaways of their own, and I am ecstatic to have a chance to do something to support my LOCAL moms! SOOOOOO, I am sponsoring one of THEIR giveaways! You do HAVE to be a member to win this one though, so if you live in the ATL (COBB) area, don't miss out! (Be sure to LIKE the ANKLEBITER ADVENTURES FB PAGE for the official announcement coming later this week!)

(Don't be discouraged if you're too far from us! There MAY or MAY NOT be an "open" giveaway from them too... stay tuned :)




Now, if you AREN'T a local mom, don't fret! There are MORE giveaways happening ALL week (10/5-11)!!!!! Check back today at 12:20PM, and again tomorrow (and all week) at 9:20AM for another GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Don't forget that you have chances to automatically qualify as a finalist in some of the GIVEAWAY drawings!!! So keep an eye on our IG and Pinterest!