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When I started this whole event, the initial plan was just to play around with promoting babywearing. Even before my ideas spiraled to what they are now, I had a mom on my list of people to reach out to/"do something nice for."  No mom in particular, just mom.

Once the sponsors ball took off (which I STILL CANT BELIEVE someone would want to sponsor me! *squeal*) and my list was finalizing for giveaways, I was still finding that mom lingering on the list.

So, it's no mystery how THIS giveaway came about:



At first, I was thinking something more along the lines of "Fan Appreciation," but the thing about it is... I don't have "fans" (nor would I ever consider one of my "followers" as a "fan.") Like I've said before. This "business" is all about me wanting to help other moms find the joys and adventures in motherhood like I have and to ENJOY it (vs. let it stress you out!)

I know ALL of our time is valuable, and I can't describe how much it means to me when I get that little *DING* from my phone! SO, since I have no words, I am going to SHOW YOU ALL how much I APPRECIATE the responses and feedback I get! (Let's not forget how much fun it is too!!!) In the future, one mom from my page will be drawn at random to win this VERY SPECIAL Giveaway! There is really nothing you CAN or CAN'T do to be entered! Being present, involved, and active on the page is JUST ENOUGH to do the trick!

This giveaway is something that I want to hang on to BEYOND International Babywearing Week and hope that it is successful in it's intentions. I DO pay attention to EVERY SINGLE comment and status like and share on the page! I LOVE when I get the chance to talk to mom's in private chats SO much! I also see many of you floating around in some of my FB groups and pages. And I pay attention.

FOR THIS PARTICULAR GIVEAWAY, the winner was chosen slightly differently (since I had no precedent on selecting a winner.) I chose a mom who is ALWAYS active on ALL of my posts (whether its Twinmommy101 or my personal!) And I LOVE seeing her name pop up. I have thoroughly enjoyed the chance I've had to meet this mom online (and one day soon in person I hope!) We have watched each other (from the FB distance) try to successfully wear our twins, and so much more!  (She's even been helping give some personal feedback for all the event planning and more! But I think she has no clue that she is my "secret tool" to making sure that I don't confuse or overwhelm my audience!) I am beyond ecstatic to present her with this next week! I wouldn't have been ok with doing this whole event, without reaching out and doing something special for someone who REALLY deserves it!


(Be sure to check our FB pg for the announcement AND link to all the details!)