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So, this may sound kind of lame... but I am sponsoring myself!! (Ok, sorry. I just HAD to say that to get it out of the way! lol)

When I first started coordinating this event, it all started out as a fun little side project to see how many wraps I could "crank out" in a month. I wanted to do something nice for a few friends of mine AND test out my skills to see if it was something  I could pursue in the long run. (We all know how this story ends.... I ended up being invited to sponsor ANKLEBITER ADVENTURES Babywearing Week fun! And it slowly grew to become what it is now!)

Initially I was digging (more like racking my brains) to find a way to get people engaged and motivated to participate in all the thing I wanted to do to celebrate International Babywearing Week! Since it is "an annual week-long outreach opportunity to celebrate, promote, advocate for, and focus media attention on the many benefits of babywearing,"  I thought it would be really nice to spread the love I have found for babywearing to others!

Thanks to the motivation and support I have received from friends and Daddy. The long days and nights could not have been possible without the help of those around me! A special thanks to Daddy for investing in me and this blog to help make it as fun (and successful?) as this whole event should be! (He has invested over $200 so you guys should thank him too!!!!) One more special thanks to my fellow blog sponsors (TONED AFTER TWINS and SHARISSESPIECES) for not only providing me with insight, advice, and support (all from different ends of the country and in different time zones as well!) but for also contributing financially! NONE of this would look or run as smooth without you!

 So without further delay.... TWINMOMMY101 WILL BE SPONSORING A "GW" GIVEAWAY!!!!!

(Don't worry... I will be dropping hints ALL week about what the GW stands for..... but if you have been following our FACEBOOK PG, you may already have an idea!)

I want to take a moment before I sign off today to thank EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU for being apart of this event! I have NEVER done anything like this and am enjoying the challenge of getting everything PERFECT for you guys! YOU are the reason I do what I do! YOU are my daily motivation (trust me! there are days I REALLY DON'T want to bake muffins, but I REALLY DO HAVE to share so.... ;) )

I have worked EXTREMELY HARD, sacrificed A LOT of sleep, and spent a TON of time putting all of this together! Please SHARE with friends and help me get as many people as you can to at least EXPLORE the concept of babywearing! It's SUCH an amazing lifesaver that bonds you and your baby in ways nothing else could!