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One of the funnest things about having a blog is all the people that I get to meet! (Having a chance to help is like getting a bonus!) While I was putting this event together (in the VERY initial phases of planning), I came across a mommy who had just ventured into starting her own business. We are talking TEN DAYS into opening shop! When I saw this page I thought these pieces were SO beautiful and I had saved in on my list of things that I want (Christmas is just around the corner right?) I lucky enough to have a chance to talk to this lovely momma and that's when I learned that they are a husband and wife team that started this business upon request of other babywearing mommas! AND (I had know clue before... I just thought they were SO beautiful and the fact that they had TANDEM pieces made me fall in love at first sight!) These pieces are HAND CARVED on Unfinished Hard Maple,  and are NATURAL BABYWEARING AND TEETHING NECKLACES!!!!! (If that is not the win of all wins!)

I am SO pleased to announce that BABYWEARING TREASURES has chosen to sponsor OUR (Twinmommy101) IBW 2014 events!!!!!!! BWT


"Thanks to the babywearing mamas on Facebook for their support and feedback, we have worked day and night to bring your ideas to life!!! I love all things babywearing, my husband loves all things wood. So we have come together in the most genius of ways to bring you natural wood teething toys and necklaces, and have big plans for creating carrier storage, christmas ornaments and many other things obsessed baby wearing mamas like me are missing in our lives. Our babywearing days are short lived, and you should have something to treasure and pass along to your children and grandchildren, and wood is timeless! This is as much YOUR shop as it is ours because we make CUSTOM ORDERS!! The possibilities are endless...."

There will be an official giveaway announcement for Babywearing Treasures (along with all the other daily giveaway details) happening sometime next week! (9/28!) The awesome thing about DAILY giveaways for IBW is that I have DAILY announcements next week!

If you follow the blog and our other social media fun (Pinterest, Facebook, and IG) there is an exclusive chance to be be entered for the Babywearing Treasures giveaway! (That's right! We are choosing ONE person at 8 pm on 9/26 so you only have a few hours!!!) to get prequailified to enter! :) Where is it though??


Don't forget tomorrow night I am announcing the last sponsor for IBW 2014!