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Gentle Parenting twins teaches you effective alternatives to mainstream parenting and how to incorporate it into your everyday parenting life.


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Sometimes trying to come up with new ideas (or even just trying to piece a few ideas into a coherent thought) can be REALLY overwhelming. When I decided that I was ready to start getting my stuff "out there," I had NO CLUE where to start! I have been VERY fortunate to have met some REALLY awesome people AND make some REALLY good friends along my journey as a blogging mom. Of these moms, there is one that has really helped support me and motivate me to keep on pushing when I feel like there is no point. Spending hours on the phone, texting, and emailing has really helped build our business relationship, as well as our friendship and we BOTH REALLY look forward to teaming up to bring you guys some AWESOME stuff in the future, BEYOND IBW!!

Who, you may ask, am I referring to? None other than my friend Ms. Lindsay Mac from TONED AFTER TWINS.


"What started as a personal blog to motivate myself to get back into shape after having twins, turned into an awesomely supportive community of individuals on their own health and fitness journey! This page isn't just for new moms looking to get their body back after baby- but for any and every one who wants to live a healthier lifestyle! Together, we can inspire, motivate and hold each other accountable on our way to reaching our goals!"

What makes Lindsay such a special addition to the team??? Well SHE JUST HAD A BABY!!! Sweet Emme Lain joined us August 25, 2014 at 11:15 am. Lindsay shares her AMAZING birth story HERE about her successful VBAC and experiences with both the twins AND Emme.

Lindsay reached out to me a while back wanting to know about wearing her baby, and now not only is she finding the same love for it as I have with my girls, she taking it a step farther! Be sure to stay tuned for IBW 2014 (10/5-11) and see what we are up to!

Welcome Lindsay! I knew we would wreck havoc together one day!!!!! <3

(I really do owe this momma more thanks then I can give her!)