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Gentle Parenting twins teaches you effective alternatives to mainstream parenting and how to incorporate it into your everyday parenting life.


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While working on putting my ideas into action for IBW 2014, there was a LOT of questions I had about doing giveaways and hosting an "online event" in general. (Up until I started this blog I only used my internet to check email, FB/MySpace.. remember that? lol, and do research and other school related things. I wasn't very into the whole "social media" trend. I used my FB for college!) Thanks to the internet, ever since the girls were born, I have been able to meet and make so many new mommy friends! (and I have enjoyed it so much!) Some of them have become BEST FRIENDS to me, (the girls have SO MANY "virtual" baby friends too!)  and the only thing that makes me sad is how far we all are. (Don't worry, we are already working on plans for a "UNION" in 16-18 years lol) There has been one mommy that has REALLY helped me with ideas on how to organize my thoughts and maximize on my potential. She has spent countless hours helping me (late night phone calls, emails and texts... all daily as of these past few weeks!) and for that WE ALL owe her a HUGE thanks! Of course I'm referring to none other than the lovely Ms. Sharrise over at SHARISSESPIECES


 "I share stories and tidbits about my life raising twins, my adventures in the kitchen, my efforts to stay in shape, and more random "pieces" of my life!"

Between Sharisse, Lindsay Mac, and myself.... I feel like we are the "trifecta" of twin mommy blogging! You have the fitness and health aspect of life (mixed in with "big" twins AND a new baby). Then you have me who likes to do my research and bring you all the (less mainstream) things we are doing with the girls. And I share recipes and other fun info so you can own the twin life! Then you have Sharisse. I SO MUCH ENJOY waking up to an email from her blog letting me know she has posted something new! (You can do that if you click the FOLLOW option on ANY of our three blogs!). She does such a great job of making motherhood feel so real! She really captures the things that we may forget when we start moving too fast and puts it all into such an everyday perspective! (She also share recipes and other fun things too!)  The coolest thing about SHARISSESPIECES is that she's been blogging  WAAAAAAYYYYYY longer, so you can also look back and watch how life changes over the years!

Sharisse has not only spent so much time helping support me with my blog (and motherhood), but she is going to be getting in on the fun for IBW!!! She has only worn a few times before and has kept mentioning her curiosity about wearing to me. She will be sharing her personal testimonies about HER babywearing (or lack journey with twins and also her experiences starting out in the BW game with TWIN TODDLERS! I am SO excited to finally find an opportunity to work and learn from you!

Welcome to the team Sharisse! I knew one day we would become unstoppable together! <3

Earlier today I announced that LINDSAY MAC FITNESS: TONED AFTER TWINS so be sure to see what thats all about too!