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With all the fun things I have planned to celebrate International Babywearing Week, I don't know where to start!


I can't express enough HOW MUCH babywearing has saved my life! DAILY! There are times (even now at 14 mo) that I couldn't imagine my life without it! Not only has it been my savior, it has been SUCH a memorable bonding experience for me and my daughters. NOTHING could ever get us SO close and snuggly!

My motivation for coordinating this whole celebration is to help others have a chance to see what babywearing is all about! The benefits are incredible and the convenience is priceless. Even if it's only ONE person that goes from "skeptic" to "believer" by the end of the week, I will consider it to have been a success! (Although I am hopeful that we will have more people then that getting in on the action!)  So, without further delay.....

Here is what the main focus of the week will be.........



One of the biggest challenges that I felt when I first started out was not knowing WHAT to do or WHERE to start. I have come to find out that I am not alone in this. (It took me a WHILE into my BW journey to even learn more then the handful that I had initially learned, and am still learning new things today... most of which I wish I already knew. Just bc you have twins, doesn't mean you ONLY have to tandem wrap! Or so I have come to find out!) With that said, I am SO pleased to announce that.... DRUM ROLL PLEASE:

I will be hosting a "CARRY OF THE DAY" (COTD) event featured from Sunday 10/5- Saturday 10/11! I know this doesn't sound like much right now, so let me break it down:

Each day will have a "one baby" carry featured, and there will be at least ONE tandem variation everyday (except for Sunday).  There will not only be step-by-step tutorials for EACH, but we also have been working on putting together some special videos for each carry! (For your viewing pleasure of course). We are having SO much fun making videos and I'm stealing EVERY free snuggle I can from my EXTREMELY MOBILE "TODDLERS." (Still not used to saying that)

The carries will be "revealed" at 7am every morning starting on Sunday (10/5). Sunday is the only day that I will not be featuring a tandem option, but don't worry. I have other fun stuff planned!!! I also want to have one day to get a feel for things and a chance for me to rest up before the real fun starts. (I'm SO excited and busy that I haven't seen my bed before 2 am for a week! And my alarm clocks still wake me up at the same time everyday. But I love EVERY SECOND of it!)

Everyone will be encouraged to try out the different carries and post pictures.  Every morning when the carry is announced, (it will be the PINNED POST at the top of the pages feed) the thread will be open for you to ask questions, discuss the carry, share with friends, and of course SHARE YOUR PICTURES!!!!  (You will have the chance to post up to 5 pictures a day..... but I will talk more about that later ;) ) Just know you WILL want to post pictures *ahem* AAAAAAND, you will get to learn some fun and new bw stuff along the way!

You will need a woven wrap for the majority of these carries. (Remember stretchies aren't safe for back carries or carries that do not have reinforcing passes.) If you do not have one, check to see if there is a BWI in your area! (Some meetup groups have lending libraries too!) IF not, you can always make one! (I make all of ours!) So don't feel like you are out of options! (There are some great FB babywearing swaps and groups that sell gently used wraps and carriers for lower prices as well!)

Since you can find us on IG and Pinterest as well, don't be surprised if you find some exclusive announcements there too! Ijs, there may be a morning that I decide 7 am is TOO long for my patience to wait..... and may post COTD (or other fun news) before the announced date ;) (IG: @twnmommy101; PINTEREST: Twinmommy101) 

REMEMBER: I am just a momma (coordinating ALL of the Twinmommy101 IBW 2014 celebration) who  REALLY just wants to share my passion for wearing my babies, in hopes that others can feel more encouraged (and informed) about the world of babywearing! Please feel free to send me questions, comments, concerns, or even just stop by to say hi! One thing that I enjoy the most about being a blogging mommy is the chance that I get to meet all of you awesome fellow mommies and your littles! <3

This event is specifically designed to raise BW awareness!!!!  (for ex: do YOU know the BENEFITS of BW? most ppl think that we are spoiling our children and that they will never learn to walk bc they are carried around everywhere... when in reality, they are MORE likely to become more independent, yet more social/verbal, and early walkers!!!)

If some of this seems a little fuzzy, DON'T WORRY! There will be more details coming soon and the pieces will slowly start to fall into place. I just wanted to get you familiar with the concept of the COTD event, and give you a heads up of what to expect. And, don't worry..... this is only the BEGINNING of the announcements fun! I'm working hard to finalize everything as IBW quickly approaches. (In the mean time, send me your BW pic to be a featured *MOM SHARE* on our FB PAGE!)

**In addition to the COTD event, I will be having other fun activities lined up!  I am working hard with my IBW partners in crime to get things all situated so for sure, stay tuned!**


<Stay tuned this week to our FACEBOOK PAGE for announcements about our sponsors and partners! (And of course ALL of the "FUN" info !) >

*ALL THE "FUN STUFF" WILL BE ANNOUNCED EACH DAY NEXT WEEK!!!! If you FOLLOW our blog, all the details get emailed DIRECTLY to you AS SOON as it's up so you NEVER miss a beat!!!!*

Can't wait to catch up with y'all again soon!!!!<3