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Adventures in Twinning NLF Style


If you are thinking about taking your little to a sporting event, there is definitely a lot to take in and consider and it's not easy to feel overwhelmed when packing for TWO extra- and very tiny- people. Here are some of our experiences with taking the girls to their first few Atlanta Falcon's games. Be sure to read my full review on earBanZ- hearing protection headphones for littles. #RISEUP  

There is no question about what colors these girls will bleed, if you know me at all! (I can't speak for my whole family here bc SOMEBODY thinks orange and blue are better colors in college.  But I'm not gonna say who. It's ok, we all have our flaws. I don't judge lol) We had wanted to take the girls to the preseason games, but they were sick for the first, and timing was off for the second. (NO WAY we were taking them to the Saints game... so alas, Week 3 kickoff musta been their calling... I mean we did WIN 56-7! ijs) I was SO nervous deep down and didn't know what to expect. So OF COURSE I have to report back ASAP! (Not only did I get an idea of what it's like to mix toddlers and sporting events, which I was a little pee my pants scared of doing, but I got an idea of how to handle toddlers IN GENERAL outside of the 4 walls of our sanctuary.


PACKING THE BAG: This is always one of my BIGGEST stresses and headaches. "Do I have everything I need?" "Did I bring too much?" "How do I fit EVERYTHING in here?" It goes on and on..... (I have a diaperbag checklist and the variations of it as it changed over time HERE. I hope I can help save others going through the same troubles I did, so I included  a few "live and learn" insights. ;) )  PIX COMING SOON!!!

For the game, I knew we would be tailgating so dinner wasn't going to be a large issue. BUT bc the girls snack throughout the day (and I knew they were going to be up WAY past their bedtimes) I made sure I packed enough for them. That was my BIGGEST stress. Here is what our bag looked like:

-10 diapers (5 changes a piece)

-travel case of wipes (which just happen to be a custom Falcons case!)

-changing pad

-SNACKS: (ziplock bags of) animal crackers, ritz crackers, and Kix/Cheerios (all their favorites); a (indvl size) bag of veggie chips

-bottled water (and a few straws; I'm glad we started out with straws and regular cups first... THIS was a HUGE convenience!)

-2 small blankies (Falcons ones of course)

-emergency Paci (M takes one ONLY when she is going to sleep; this paid off on the car ride home for SURE!)

-2 trailmix granola bars (For mommy! Hey, I gotta keep my energy up too right!)

-2 extra onesies

(I rolled the onesies and blankets for extra space.... the diapers squished pretty well so I could cram in the blankets)

"PACKING" the CAR: while these may seem like an odd move, it REALLY helped at the end when we left! (we left middle of the 3rd quarter around 10:45; we waited until the girls "told" us that they were done (by laying their heads down on us, rubbing their eyes, and not showing anymore interest in the game. These are the cues I used to determine when to serve lunch and get ready for naptime as well. They never got fussy or acted out during the game! (just once or twice when they wanted "down" to dance and stretch their legs!) Thanks Aunt Amber for this idea!!!! PIX COMING SOON

Packing a "sleepkit" can be a life saver! We were able to get to the car, get them ready for "bed," no muss no fuss. In a separate bag, we packed:

-2 "bedtime" onesies

-2 diapers

-travel case wipes

-bedtime blankies


-water (baby) bottles (they don't take milk anymore in bottles, but they DO like to have them to hold when they fall asleep, so I always put water in them just in case they are thirsty ;) )

** The girls recently have each grown attached to a stuffed toy (N has her minion and M has her baby; I also give each a little monkey in their cribs at nap/bedtime so that in case they can't have their first choice for whatever reason, they have a back up that they are used to.)  Now that I know what they are going to be attached to I am going to buy 1 or 2 more so I can have a back up... and maybe an extra... Who knows when/where they may loose one and if you will ever be able to find them again! (Luckily we have 2 dolls already! Those were a gift from Aunt Heather last Christmas.) Also, if one gets dirty they don't have to wait for my lazy behind to start a load of laundry lol.

WEAR THE ALL THE BABIES: (IF THIS ISN'T THE BIGGEST GIVEN lol) Due to some miscommunication and porta-potty detour, when we first got to the tailgate, we had the kids in our arms. )That lasted 2 minutes...) They were CLINGY, FUSSY, and not really feeling it. (Plus they had just woken from a nap...) We had to do a quick reset and "take 2." We went BACK to the car and I was able to wrap up my baby and nip all of the above problems in the bud (AND have free hands to eat!!! That's what I call #twinning!) Once we made our way to the main lawn to check out the pre-game festivities, and then to our seats, we had both babies on and were ready to WIN! I walked BEHIND dad (since N was on his back) and stayed towards a wall/edge with no traffic to my right since M was on that hip. I wore M for a few minutes once we got to our seats so that she could get used to her new (very amped up) surroundings and still feel "attached" to me. After a few minutes I took her out and she was fine! (I would have left her in longer, but the seating is SO compact... hopefully the NEW stadium will have better seating!)


BW ESPECIALLY paid off at the end of the game when the girls were super tired and we still had the mini trek back to the car. I was able to nurse N on the way to the car indiscreetly, and M was able to snuggle on daddy's chest and let the tired wash over her. We didn't have to worry about their safety, in regards to the OTHER ppl around us, bc they were attached to us. WE just had to watch extra careful where we were going (... the drinks flow at games, accidents can happen... IJS) They were so calm and relaxed by the time we got to the car that we were able to get them changed and loaded up with no issues. And they were out cold before we even made it to the interstate.

SUPER TWINNING!!! (nursing N otw to the car ;) )


A few TIPS AND TRICKS that I used that REALLY helped me out for this outing:

Of course we couldn't go to the game without Minion and Baby. (Nadia, one day when you are older and reading this..... I made your Dad back up ALL THE WAY down the street to the house so that I could get your minion. YOU left him in the playroom! (not me! fyi lololol) <3 u!) I knew for sure that these guys would hit the floor infinity times while we were out and about, and of course I don't like giving them stuff after it has hit the (public) floor. Soooo..... I decided to tie some ribbon to their toys (luckily each had a part that was sewn on that I could slide the ribbon through to tie to it.... EX: minions overalls). I tied a slipknot (which I only remember how to do bc I use it when I babywear ;) ) to the other end of the ribbon. This way we were able to attach it to our wrists (their foot, our belt loops, the possibilities are endless, which is nice bc it becomes more convenient!!!) and not worry about them falling down. I made them a little long this time, but NEXT time they will be perfect!

There were SO many ppl and it felt kind of overwhelming to have such small ppl in the crowd that I got really nervous deep down. But, I've noticed that staying calm and acting like I am in control,  like I "got this," REALLY helps the girls feel more comfortable. I feel like they can pick up on how I am reacting to our environment, which of course sets the tone for them so staying calm makes sense to me.

Bring some extra empty ziplock bags! (You never know when someone is going to take off their bow, drop their ear plugs, take off their shoes.....) Empty bags allows for a quick toss into the diaper bag without cluttering up the whole thing, leaving me fishing around for what I REALLY need later.

I left my wrap tied in the POPPINS HIP CARRY throughout the game so that I didn't have to worry about lugging it around. (Plus I did dye it especially to be festive for the games so....) I am working on figuring out how to put them back in and readjust without having to take off and rewrap the whole thing. (Stay tuned during BW week, bc I am DETERMINED to have an answer by then!) I think it also looks kind of cool when its just tied up! I didn't get a pix this game, but NEXT TIME!!!!


All in all, just one more event for me to put in the books. Before the girls came we weren't sure what taking the girls out was going to be like. (Dad was actually SO nervous/stressed about it that we didn't really go out for the first 3 months. Which is kind of ok, bc they were still SO tiny and I didn't want ppl touching them.) I am glad that we did this! CRAZY ENOUGH, three years ago from THIS GAME (to the date), hubby had just taken me to MY FIRST Falcons game EVER!!!! I thought it was too crazy to be coincidence! IJS....

Don't let the fact that you have TWO keep you from living a "normal" life! Do what makes you happy! I'm 99% sure that your baby is going to LOVE sharing time with you no matter what you do! Thanks for reading! Don't miss any of our game action!!! (which you can find on our IG: @twnmommy101) til next time..... #RISEUP!!!