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So Taystee....


I'm back on the grind again... this time we are working on cleaning up our diets! I think we do a pretty decent job eating healthy, however I am starting to get bored with food and need some new ideas. It was a lazy feeling rainy day looking out the window, but it was a warm productive day in the kitchen for me! Ever since the girls started eating solids, I starting doing my research about things that are healthy AND what makes them healthy. I started reading about "clean eating" and learned about this thing called the "Paleo Diet." While, I don't know if I can ever go 100% on that, I DID make the decision to start aiming to eat along those guidelines as much as possible. (The snacks were really the only thing that I wasn't making from scratch. I am going to give the crackers another stab!) I want to start doing "probiotics" and eventually I will add essential oils to our lives too! (I REALLY want to learn about them, but I have too much on my plate right now. So unfortunately those are towards the bottom of the to do list.)

I am worried about the girls not getting enough veggies in their tummies. (I offer it, but they don't always eat them). I found a way to not only get them to devour their veggies, but I also have a new snack for the girls (and mommy and daddy!) Double win! (BTW: these muffins are shaping up to not see next week lol... they are SO GOOD!!!! and plus side? you and the littles can lick the bowl when you are done! NO EGGS!!)

Sweet Zucchini Muffins

Cinnamon Carrot Muffins


Carrots first....


Zucchini next...




Broccoli and Cheddar Patties have been around in our kitchen since we started BLW. I LOVE these just as much as the girls do, and even though they eat EVERYTHING now, I like sticking with these bc I can make a huge batch and freeze! (I made these every other month with BLW, I will prob dbl the recipe next time bc I don't think these will last past 3-4 weeks now. (just be sure to monitor the beta carotene! no one needs oopma loompa babes lololol)


  My fave part about doing all this cooking? Racking up a nice collection of things for my compost! We compost in 2 forms: we have an outdoor composter of course, but Daddy also has a "worm factory." All the produce scraps, coffee grinds, egg shells, and other unprocessed foods to to these guys! (And boy do they LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE meal prep days!) I look forward to bringing a whole spotlight on our gardening next year! No better feeling then going out to the back yard to get fresh tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, and lettuce (to name a few)  to cook up! AND it's fun for the whole family! (can't wait for the girls next year to help us, although we will be loosing 2 fun filled supervisors! lol)


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Not sure what's for dinner (or breakfast or lunch??) I post our weekly menus too! So you don't have to run out of ideas!

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Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more action from the kitchen and all the things that make our twin life go 'round!!! <3

(p.s. International Babywearing Week is just around the corner! I will be doing my first official FB giveaway just in time *hint hint* so be sure to like our FB for more details!!!!)