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Hey, Where Did Everybody Go???


WOW, did we ever have fun being able to share our stories and journey through this crazy adventure we call #twinning at the Cobb and Douglas Public Health Annual Breastfeeding Conference! (I am in the process of editing what footage we WERE able to get... since BOTH the camcorders we brought decided they wanted to act up AND then of course hubby's phone died 1/2 way through.. come to find out his phone's hardware is bad! :( I have some practice footage so I am hopeful I can get most all of the actual speech together!) In the mean time. I wanted to do a quick update on things and why it has been so quiet around here.10379961_10101471622743247_8497835228382537279_o 7599_10101471622244247_2851898857905906342_n

The girls are growing SO fast, and I can not believe we are already planning the first birthday party! WHERE has the time gone? Today (June 8) is the one year anniversary of my baby shower lol. CRAZY! (I am working on uploading my pregnancy scrapbook. Hey what else is a girl supposed to do for 4 weeks on bedrest at home?) I can def see a HUGE difference in the girls developmentally these days. They are taking advantage of every chance they have to try to walk. All they want to do is stand and speed crawl. I cant wait to bring a full update post on what our days are like now (compared to when they were so small. like THIS when we were just 3 mo old). June 11 (it was a wednesday last year; this year a thursday) will mark the one year of me being put on bed rest. I really wanted to start a blog back then, but really didn't think anyone was going to want to hear about the things I had to say SO. I am hopeful to do some "flashback" posts this week and reminisce about the 2 weeks we spent on "vacation" at the hospital (which by the way hands down, best hospital ever. I don't know HOW they could have been any better!)


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I am working on bringing more recipes and info on BLW (and a special treat for our YouTube channel too!). We are getting ready for the big transition from bottles and milk to more food and less milk. Thanks to BLW, we are already masters the pinching/grasping reflex and eating skills (and of our "going out to eat" etiquette too!) Since we have been able to start harvesting from our garden now (spinach. butter lettuce, zucchini, squash, and soon tomatoes!), I am having extra fun looking for new ways to cook (literally) the fruits of our labor lol. The garden has been Mr. Twinmommy101's "baby," so we will work together (meaning I will supervise as he types lol) to bring you guys some info on how easy it was to grow our own CLEAN foods. So, stay tuned for more fun upcoming posts on BLW and food!

In addition to the food stuff, I am also working on the pt. 2 of our CIO post. What started out as a 2 part series has now slowly unfolded into potentially 5 parts! I have been learning SO much about crying and sleeping and babies as I research for MY OWN benefit, since lets face it... sometimes bedtime can be a headache. I am also learning SO much from other moms and their experiences. Each baby is different, and I find it better for me to know about what others are going through and how they handle things so that I can have better knowledge for my own situation. I have found some AWESOME books too and will link them up accordingly in the upcoming posts. So, just one more reason to stay tuned!!! :)

Lastly, I'm so excited to be working with a friend and fellow twin blogging mommy! I am really focused on the nutrition section these days, and she just so happens to be AH-MAZING with her Fitness Blog.  Healthy eating is a GREAT start to wanting to have a healthy body, but exercise is important too! (Hence the reason we do our best to go for daily walks.)

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