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Sunday Funday!!!


WOW! What a day! (I promise to keep this short) It all started (for me) around 10 am (THANK YOU MR. TWINMOMMY101 for playing with the girls and doing breakfast! my boobs were full from skipping our am nursing session, but I am willing to take that hit!) We started the day with Golden Corral, and had some fun at Home Depot, the Farmer's Market, and Publix (grocery store).  Tomorrow is food prep day. I will be making: mini omelets, broc/cheddar patties, pumpkin muffins, broc/cheddar muffins, fresh marinara, fresh salsa, and lasagna. Of course all of this is freezable!  I will be working hard in the kitchen and taking notes to bring you all the info! In other news, I have been working REALLY hard on my part 2 of the CIO piece! We are still trying to get a feel for things, so I don't want to report back until I have all the info. I am also considering starting a VLOG and would LOVE some feedback about this idea. Either leave a comment or message me at our FACEBOOK PAGE!

Stay tuned for an update about our day in the kitchen and other happenings this week! (can't wait for our first playdate with a fellow crunchy EC'ing mom!!!!)

Enjoy the week and as always thanks for the support!

Leaving you with a throwback photo today! The week b4 i popped! IMG_3313