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It's been a while since I have been able to do a "daily update" post, however it is long overdue (pictures and all!).  With all the new changes since I last did one of these I am excited to bring a glimpse of our day! We have been doing really good with BLW! (I am working on getting more recipes together; My mason jars just came in so I am working on gathering some salad in a jar recipes (thanks to one of my FB followers for the suggestion!!!) and some sauces to freeze.  Also, working on getting on smoothies more regularly! GREAT way to get our fruits and other nutrients without eating too much!)  We have gone to part time with EC for now.  With a week away at my parents house and all the chasing I am doing these days, I have to preserve my energy! I am really wanting to go back to a more full time routine with it, but I won't push it until we are all ready! (no point in adding more stress to our day!) So, our day was off by just a bit because 2 little ladies were up at 5 am wanting to play and fight over boobies! So instead of waking at their normal 7am, we were up around 8-8:30.  This put our WHOLE day behind schedule (needless to say).  Since we had been having some trouble at night getting the girls to go to sleep (they were wanting to play and party when we started bedtime stories), I figured that this was the perfect opportunity for me to play with their schedule a little bit a see if any tweeking to it would remedy our issues at night.

I am going to no focus so much on the time of the day, rather I want to just paint a picture of how our days (from 6 mo til current) have been going. (You can read more about our routines/schedule from birth to now HERE!) After waking and doing our usual diaper change and few minutes of play in bed to start the day, we headed down to nurse (I still tandem nurse, but as each day goes by it becomes just a touch more difficult because they are squirmy and outgrowing the pillow, so I try to savor each time we sit to "eat.")  After we nurse (usually around 8:30 am) we play for a bit.  We sit on our toilets periodically throughout play time.  The beautiful thing about EC is that its all about learning how to read and communicate with my babies! It's not about the "hits" or the "misses," but rather forming that special connection and bond with my girls.  With them being SO mobile these days, I am having trouble keeping up (and patience) chasing them and trying to get back and forth on the potty.  I keep 2 potties in the play room and 1 in the nursery (the only 2 rooms which they are mobile in so there is always somewhere close by for them to go.  (I am confident that once we start walking we will be completely diaper free!!!) THESE Ikea potties are awesome, cheap, and they fit smaller children without issue! (we had bought a potty from target, but it was WAY to big for the girls to sit on solo, this one is seriously PERFECT!)

An an hour of play time, (usually around 9:30)  we "sat down" for breakfast.  Since we are doing BLW, we were able to skip the purees and spoons and go straight to "big girl food."  The thing I LOVE about BLW is that it also gives me the time and opportunity to make sure that I get my meals in too (and it keeps me healthy!).  Today we had granny smith apple slices (daddy has his with peanut butter!) We also had pancakes! Sure, it sounds like I'm in over my head making pancakes for breakfast (especially considering I only need about 4 sand dollar sized pancakes per feeding!)  One thing that I have found helpful is making things in larger batches and freezing so that I always have something on hand! (Daddy makes the pancakes around here, and always makes extra "grown up" pancakes to freeze too!!! Talk about a life saver! I do this with many other foods too which you can find HERE.  I am working hard to update the recipes daily!)

IMG_0441Nadi Chunk enjoying her breakfast IMG_0444MiMi double fisting apples and pancakes  IMG_0443We always have breakfast with Granpa (via Skype!) also.  IMG_7422

Breakfast usually takes us about 30 min give or take. (I use this time to get my kitchen in order for the day also. Thanks Granpa for helping keep and eye on the girls and entertaining them!!)  After breakfast (usually 10 am) we go back on the potty (no mater what, the girls always tend to pee while we eat! I don't stress it, eventually it will work itself out!) They go in their jumpers for a short while (keep them immobile and busy long enough for me to wipe their highchairs down and get the floor swept; I also have the chance to get their bottles ready without having to run back and forth or hear them cry bc I waited too long to make them!)  After they jump, they pee in their potties and drink their bottles.

Again, since they have been fighting us at bedtime I had been toying with the idea of going down to one nap a day, but am deathly terrified of it! I kept them up for an extra hour today and tried to see how one nap would go (I tried to get them go down for a short second nap, but was unsuccessful...) We are still napping in the swings, and that is something that I am mentally preparing myself to break out of also! (they only nap in their swings, they sleep in their cribs/our bed at night.)  After a bit of fussing, they finally took their bottles and fell asleep (11:30; usually they take their bottles around 10:45 and are out by 11 am).

Sweet MiMi posted up and finishing her bottle... too bad sleep came before she finished... so sweet! <3

IMG_0445 IMG_0450During their nap time (which is usually 2 hours.. 11-1), I took advantage of the quiet and and Daddy helped get some laundry done. Usually I use this time to tidy up around the house (I have certain things that I do each day to keep up with the house).  Today, however, I worked on updating the blog! (I wasn't sure how long they were going to nap for and needed the sit down break.)  They slept until 1:30 (I thought it would be more like 2-2:30, but...) Our biggest success with EC comes at this time of day (when the hecticness of getting the day started has settled).  Since I keep a potty in their nursery as well, (which they are only in for naps and after this nap time to play) I put them on their potty as soon as they wake.  (I usually go in their room and hang out a few minutes before they are supposed to wake up and I put away clothes, tidy up, etc until they wake.)  They usually have a dry diaper until lunch time!!! After they potty, they play in their nursery.  I like doing this because it gives them a little more room to crawl and explore than the play room AND the dogs get to play with them in there also! (They love little Marley!) After about 30 min we nurse, and then move to the playroom.  (usually we nurse at 1:30 and are ready for lunch by 2:30; today we nursed around 2 and sat for lunch around 3.)

For lunch we had fresh made sweet potato fries (our favorite!!! again made and frozen) and Greek yogurt.  I was unsure about giving the girls the girls this but apparently it is really healthy and good for them! (Read why HERE). Sweet potatoes are also one of the BEST "super foods" out there, so we try to get it in as much as possible! (I initially bought the Greek yogurt to add to our smoothies, but the girls LOVE eating it plain as well. I want to try to get this in 3-5 times a week too! I do not like the taste of plain Greek yogurt so I will be trying to find healthy ways to spice (well sweeten) it up and enjoy also!  After eating we potty and then jump again.  (again, I clean up the lunch time mess and make the bottles.) I was iffy about trying for a second nap (it was already 4 and they are usually napping by that time) so, they went in their swings and took a bottle.  They ended up playing, and after about 20 min we gave up on the idea of a second nap time.  (I left them in there for about 20 minutes, daddy was home today too so he took charge here, they pottied and played in the nursery. And I was SO grateful for my little "break.")

At our usual time (6 pm) we did nursed (and watched Rachel Ray! If t.v.'s gonna be on, what better than for them to watch someone slicing/dicing and baking/frying?  We did a pretty regular evening from there on out. Daddy got the girls a new tunnel and THEY LOVE IT!!!!  This is usually the time I pull out the stand up table and push toys so they can really burn out the last bit of that energy they have stored up before bedtime. (We skipped bath time tonight.  We had a pretty clean day. We just did a warm washcloth wipe down instead.)  Part 2 of the CIO post has specific info about our bedtime routines. (yes, we have a few options for bedtime routine! tune in to see how we get things done!) We played (with our new tunnel from IKEA) until it was dinner time (7:30).  For dinner we had another apple slice or 2 (I rub them lightly with lemon juice; this prevents them from browning) while I made cheese quesadillas on whole wheat tortillas.

IMG_0457 IMG_0463 IMG_0456 IMG_0453Miraya

IMG_0465Nadi IMG_0467

The thing about today is, they for the first time all week, they went down with no issues. No playing, no squirming.  They took their bottles and fell asleep during story time! (Note: this is the only time they fall asleep while drinking.  They usually drink THEN sleep.)  They slept pretty solid, but woke up around 10 (thanks to the dogs playing with their bones! but they didn't finish their bottles anyways so I'm sure there were hungry.)  They woke again once each to eat. They were up at like 5 am (again) trying to play though. Not sure if that was random or something new they are trying to do.  So of course I am going to keep an eye on that, as well as continue to see how the one nap life treats us for a few days.  I am already brainstorming what our new schedule with be like (I need to make a new one since now we can start including "outside" time and walks since it is warming up!), so be sure to stay tuned and follow the blog to see how things turn out!  (You can like our FACEBOOK PAGE,  for extra updates and pix too!)  We have opted not to do CIO with the girls. HERE is a great read on why!

Thanks for stopping by and can't wait to see (and share about) how things pan out!