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Weaning Catch-Up and Other News...


I have missed blogging SO much, and while it has been mostly smooth sailing around here, it as always has been eventful and fun! I'm so excited to have moved up a step in the BLW/solids world and have graduated the girls from plain veggies and fruits to more "regular" foods! I know there is going to be SO MUCH to report back on as we continue to explore and hopefully I can get it all down! Ok, I'm starting with the fun stuff first! BLW: so up til Friday #3 into solids (2/21) we have had: avocado, plantain, banana, sweet potato, potato, yuka, pear, celery, and plum.  (Boy do I have a story about the celery too! smh) Saturday (coincidentally after mommy joined a BLW support group of course) did we dive head first into fun! We made the girls mini banana pancakes (made with BM) and us adults (aka mommy and daddy) enjoyed yummy banana pancakes (with regular milk and some cinnamon and sugar :) ).  It was really fun for us and the girls.  They got to discover a new texture and it kept them busy and entertained for about an hour! More ended up in their lap then we realized (make sure you check the seats b4 you give more... chances are about 2/3 of it is in there).  We made enough to be able to freeze a good bit.  These stay good for up to 3 months!!!!! We did  the same with our adult ones too! So next time we want to have a big fancy pancake breakfast, we can make some eggs or something else while we heat our pancakes up in the oven! #winning

Mini boobie milk pancakes! IMG_7229Grown Ups Flap Jacks :) IMG_7230Nadi with her pancakesIMG_7218 Mimi and her pancakesIMG_7222

We also had some freshly baked home made whole wheat bread at dinner! (I know we are such rebels!!) The girls again, loved the new texture and taste.  They were literally pin drop silent and occupied for about 30 min (long enough for me to get the day's worth of dishes loaded and the bottles washed.)  For now we will continue to do the porridge at night.  We like being able to have a little spoon feeding time too! Most of the time, the girls are yanking for the spoon and pretty much feeding themselves as it is so...

A few healthy tips about the porridge (and other foods you may be interested in serving to your LO whether you are doing BLW or not) is to invest in some brewer's yeast, wheat germ, and flax seed meal!  Now if you are a milker like me you prob have all of this in the kitchen.  I will post more info about these and other healthy additions in a separate post, but I wanted to go ahead and plant this seed now ;)

I have a TON of new recipes coming up this week! I have posted both last weeks and this weeks menu (sorry I slacked off last week with this... I've just been so busy immersed in info about foods and nutrition.  I can't wait to start doing more "real foods" with the girls and for dinner! (And snacks and bfast!) Already have one example up of a GREAT way to cook and save time on future bfast prepping... the pancakes! (We also have done french toast sticks and frozen some of those too!) I am tending to favor the meals that I can freeze and keep ready to "heat and eat."  Sometimes when it's just one of those days, I will be SO grateful!!!  Also, it will be easier to pack hubby a lunch on those days when I don't have time to pack a fresh sandwich/salad.  I am going to invest in some mason jars to do mason jar salads. Did you know that even the dressing goes in there! I'm IN!  If you are a food junky like me, just stay tuned please!!

IMG_7233 IMG_7273

This story about the celery (before I forget again!)... Well you know how the celery has strings which can be a choking hazard right?  So, I figure if I steam them, after I peel them, it will reduce our little "stringy issue," right?  After spending too much time trying to figure out the best ways to eliminate the strings, best way to steam and store (you know all the basic info I try to bring you guys about food and stuff), I finally am ready to make it happen.  I am in the kitchen with the girls and I give em a piece of raw, peeled celery... you know just to give them something to occupy themselves with.  After I get done with steaming the pieces, I offered them to the girls, who wanted NOTHING to have to do with anything steamed.  Celery is good for teething, so it made sense for them to eat it raw.  So, of course you all know what I had for lunch that day! lol.  (FYI, steamed celery seemed to be more stringy then the raw stuff.  You can peel the celery to get as much of the "top layer" strings off as physically possible;  I never really noticed or minded celery strings... until now!)  This just goes to uphold the theory of "the more effort you put into trying to make the meal special for baby, is just how much less they will desire it." Lol... raw this whole time! After an hour or 2 wasted over steaming! smh....

In addition to all this fun stuff going on above, I am pleased to announce our newest adventure quest! EC!!!( Elimination Communication).  We just bought a big girl potty and are going to feel it out this week.  I am going to of course report back as time goes on.  In the mean time here is the official website about it.  Along with this article.  And this one too!  I have the basics down, just looking for that person testimony from fellow moms to gain the real insight that books and stats don't teach you.  The girls have been known to make this squeaking grunt squeal noise when they poop, so we kind of mostly always know when they are...  The thing about EC is that it is about learning to anticipate their needs and teaching them to depend on us to help them. It's not potty training as much as it is communicated conditioning (hopefully conditioning doesn't come across as harsh as it is in my head... but I think that is the psychologist in me!) I am going to start with one and do it for a day or 2. I've heard 15-20 min after drinking put em on potty and make a noise to associate the behav. (we have made the psstt noise when they pee... on us, on the bed, when we feel the diaper get warm... since birth) and a farting sound for when they poop (We usually held their knees into their tummies to help with pooping... Wish we woulda bought the potty earlier, but we started the EC so we are still be good to go!!!)

This is in a nutshell what I have been busy doing the past week instead of blogging! (sorry to have been so quiet around here!) Next week will more then make up for it! Stay tuned for lost of recipes and BLW ideas (As well as ideas for the grown folks to enjoy).  I also is almost done making the girls some things for their playroom.... but more on that later! I've just been busy pumping 6-8 times a day and researching new ways to do old things!

Lastly, before I sign off, I wanted to note a few things that we have made for the house that will not only save $, but will be SO much more beneficial to you and your families!  ALL cleaners have chemicals of some sort.  Even the "all natural" ones like Seventh Generation, etc.  (I have never used this brand, but many fellow mommies claim that they still felt it was "too chemically" sooo....) I am going to have a full length detailed list of all these things I have talked about today! (Man Do I have a few long nights ahead of me!)


feel free to message or post  any questions/comments/concerns on our FB page! A great place to connect with other M.O.M.s!!!