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Weaning: Day 3 *SNOW DAY!!!*


Wow, whoever's idea it was to stay up til 4 am (ahem, daddy) needs a swift kick in the shins! lol... The thing about a snow day is that babies DON'T CARE what the weather is like, or what day of the week it is for that matter lol, they will ALWAYS be up at/ or before the crack of dawn! However, it was great having that quality time together though (i.e. me working on cleaning up the site and him watching his show... both of us enjoying each others company and conversations :D ).  (AND I got my MOTN pump in!!! lol) WE woke up to an ICE covered back porch (which was fun to watch the dogs slide around on when we let them out to go potty lol), and still no "snow."  I was SO tired that I HAD to go back to sleep until 8:15! (I couldn't even hold my eyes open! Note to self: Mommy, you are NOT a college kid anymore..... U can't pull all nighters! lol) I was lucky to have daddy here (who somehow managed to find all the energy in the world off 2 hours of sleep... I'm not asking questions, I am just SUPER thankful!) I still hadn't unpacked my coffee pot as of bfast time (I fixed that b4 the day was over though lol) so hot ginger tea it was! The girls had pears this morning... Let me just say this: pears. are. AH-SOME!!!!! It was ripe but still firm and made for a NO MESS bfast! And I think it may be the most favorite thing the girls have eaten so far. They were REALLY into feeding themselves, and even though they spit out the majority of the bites they took, they REALLY loved it! (REMEMBER: food b4 1 is just for fun!) I think it had to do a lot with the fact that they could grip it without squishing it and making a huge mess, and also that it was soft enough for them to bite on their own! We had our daily "conference call" with grandpa at bfast (we got double lucky bc granma was home too due to the snow!)  and nearly scared him to death (and our own daddy lol).  They were both SO worried about the girls choking! Now, it's not that I don't care or anything like that when it comes to choking, bc I def do stay on my toes when they are BLW. However, one of the things about BLW is that they are teaching themselves how to eat and chew and they have reflexes to prevent them from choking (hence all the gagging noises that you WILL hear when they eat. Just a heads up so all my fellow mommies can calm the daddies and themselves if they encounter this!) Click here for more info on BLW from their official site!

Nadi: Those aren't teeth!!! That's my pear mommy!

IMG_7024 IMG_7023 IMG_7021My MiMi Monkey! IMG_7019IMG_7020The "snow".... (in GA snow =ice) IMG_7026So we did our usual play and pump time after bfast.  I just have to say... AHEM ATTENTION FOLKS: I AM ONLY 1/2 AN OUNCE AWAY FROM MEETING MY AM PUMP GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!! *insert a million party emojis here!* I made 4.5 oz and I need 5 oz for b4 nap bottles! (AND I nursed around 7-8 am which emptied me out more than usual too!) I am SO ecstatic!

Some snow day selfies!!!! while I pump lol... (Note the girls snowman jammies that the lived in today..... they told me they wanted to be EXTRA festive for their first ever snowday!) IMG_7027 IMG_7028 IMG_7029 IMG_7030

 While the girls slept, I made THE BEST bfast burrito EVER!!!! (I used to not be a bfast burrito fan AT ALL, but with the right love, it can really work).  Since it's a snow day, it's like a free saturday with daddy home and not really doing too much work.  So I figured "why not?"  Here is how it went down:

I cooked some frozen spinach in a smaller pan (seasoned it with some salt, seasoning salt, and of course ADOBE).  In a larger pan I sauteed some onions and tofu, added garlic then 3 eggs (beaten). Sprinkled some salt, fresh ground black pepper, ADOBE, old bay, and some cayenne pepper.  Once it was about 1/2 way done cooking I added jack cheese and then some diced tomatoes (I try to make it a habit to dice some extra onions and tomatoes whenever I have them out the first time so I have it on hand and ready to go for the next time or 2 I need it, and also so if I do need slices or some other form of the food, I have extra to cut up without wasting or having to cut into a fresh one!) Then I added the spinach and put it on a tortilla and wrapped it all up! (added hot sauce to the hubbys!)  We enjoyed this with the leftover pear from the girls bfast (I forgot just HOW GOOD pear really is!) Me and the hubs hung out for a bit, and relaxed b4 the girls woke up! (with no porridge for bfast, it was a pretty solid 2 hour nap and no struggle to get them up at their normal time.

IMG_7033 IMG_7036 IMG_7034

After they woke,  we actually enjoyed a nice tandem nursing session! (See, I still love to get my nursing in even though all I do is pump!) This happened for 2 reasons. (Neither of which hold more importance over the other... it just kinda worked out for the best today!)  You would think staying up til 4 I would have gotten my parts boiled and put out to dry.... but no, that isn't how it went down! I totally forgot and didn't realize I only had one set of connectors left for my AM pump.  I wasn't too mad about it though bc babies empty you out MUCH better then the pump and I was wanting to get completely empty so my body knows to make more milk!! (I am going to try for tomorrow to be an all power pump day since I have consistently pumped/nursed at the same times for the past 3 days now!) They nursed for about 20 min while I watched some Rachel Ray! (ahhh how I miss these days! we may have to go back to doing this once I know I am making enough! I am still ending up a little short and don't want them to be hungry! lol) After we nursed,  we played, they ate some "guacamole" (chunky mashed avocados), and all hell broke loose as we were winding down lunch.

I just added the shapes blocks to the toy box!IMG_7057

IMG_7056 IMG_7055Of course it HAS to make at least one stop into the mouth! lolIMG_7053 IMG_7052 IMG_7051 IMG_7050 IMG_7049 IMG_7048 This toy is by Infantino... I got it at a kids consignment shop... I will try to find a link for it later but OMG it is THE BEST toy we have!!!! The girls can play with it on their own or lay on their tummies and each play with one side.. I swear they can play with this thing for HOURS and never get bored!!!! IMG_7054

The girls for some reason got SUPER fussy as we finished eating.  (I think it was bc they did not get enough milk while nursing.... just my theory, but I support my theory bc YES they do get fussy, I mean they are babies but NO, this was an out from left field kind of fussy!)  (Daddy was getting caught up on his sleep so I didn't wake I'm used to doing this on the reg so it was NBD... funny how 2 screaming babies can over time not wreck ur nerves.... I feel like a monk sometimes lol) They DID NOT want to drink any milk! (they wanted to watch the dogs play together of course!) I could not sneak in any milk and after the dogs were done with each other I had to put the sad fussy girls in their swings to sleep.  I decided to wait abot 3-4 minutes b4 going to check on them (so I sat in the bathroom in our bedroom where the girls swings are and caught up on my "snowpocolypse" stories on FB).  All was quiet b4 time was up! I snuck back downstairs, for a peaceful pump and some "me" time! Watching (hearing) the "snow" (ice) fall and just enjoying some shhhhh.... man I felt like i was in the twilight zone! lol

IMG_7059Lol, how I found her during "naptime" lol


After everyone woke up (the girls woke daddy up with their fun time squeals!), we sat together and watched some winter storm news while the girls had their bottle.  I changed the plan to "leftovers" for dinner, but hubby had his heart SO set on ceviche, that I ended up making it anyways! Again, pretty easy! Let me just say one thing.... I am usually on top of it when I buy fish, but this past sunday it was SUPER crowded and I was in a HUGE rush so I didn't even think about it... WRAP YOUR FISH SEPARATELY!!!  ( I usually wrap 2 pieces at a time... I bought 6 pieces and had them ALL wrapped together and froze it without thinking!!!! *face palm*) Needless to say I still ended the day with frostbitten fingers and very close to sticking with the leftovers plan... lol... I know I posted the recipe previously, however I just use it as a guideline... This is what we did!

thawed out 3 pieces of tilapia and about 10 shrimp in cool water (partially frozen fish is best bc it is easiest to cut! I was super nervous at first about it not be 100% unthawed ... but rest assured it will all be ok!) I squeezed the juice of 2 limes on top of everything and added some lemon juice as well (how much u want is dependent on how citrus-y you like it!).  I covered my bowl and let it sit in the fridge for about 2.5 hours (closer to 4 is better... I made this somewhat last minute so I didn't have a whole 4 hours....).  In the meantime, I finely diced some red onion, cilantro, tomatoes, and avocados.  I added all of this (as much as desired) to the fish as well as some salt, pepper, seasoning salt, and (surprise surprise) ADOBE!!!! (I also added hot sauce.... not a must, but Hubs LOVES spicy food! and I LOVE schlotzsky's hot sauce!!!) You can eat this with tortillas, tostada shells, potato (white or sweet), rice, or tortilla chips.... The citrus cooks the fish so don't be scared bc it's cold! Here is another link to a recipe for ceviche in addition to the one I posted Sunday!

It may look gross, but I assure you it is BEYOND yummy!!! We ate the WHOLE BOWL!!! lolIMG_7062

Hubby did bath time with the girls while I got the kitchen back into one piece (right after I popped the fish in the fridge!). We all met up for story time and the last bottle (fingers crossed they STTN with the help of their dinner!) Last night went ok... they both still ended up in their swings lol....

Can't wait to see how long we are stuck in the house for! It is supposed to clear up tomorrow and then be 70 (yes thats right 7-0) in a week...... so go I'm gonna go ahead and take my Vitamin C now and just lock myself in a room bc everyone will be getting sick! The air is so dry I have to put baby lotion on the girls 2-3 times a day bc they get so "ashy"... smh)

See y'all tomorrow!!!