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Weaning: Day 2


Day 2! Another big adventure as we are off to eat! Never a dull moment with these girls! First and foremost, I want to shed some light on some information that was brought to my attention today that I wanted to be sure to share with all of you.  There was, about a year ago, a story that broke out about inorganic arsenic being found in brown rice... After doing a little research I have decided to keep it in the diet.  I "wash" the rice first, and then grind it for 2 minutes. And it's such a small amount that they eat everyday (which is the other point that I have been debating about... whether to offer I everyday or not since rice has been known to "beef up" babies) since I offer BLW foods too.  Click HERE  for more info about the arsenic stories from USA TODAY and HERE for a NPR article as well. (I have to make sure you not only know what I know, but are able to do the research for yourself if you want ;) I'm not an expert... just another momma, trying to raise some kids lol) I have to call myself out real fast b4 we get started... shame on me for sleeping through both my dream feed alarm AND my MOTN pump alarms! smh.... Trying to find a way to hold myself accountable to wake for these pumps.  I have successfully failed for the last 2 nights (let alone all of vaca, but then again it's vaca so no hard feelings).  I think it's time for me to get the hubs involved.  I am going to have to have him set HIS alarm and wake me up. I know I'm not the nicest person when you wake me, especially in the middle of the night after a long day to do something that is a chore (so sorry honey in advance for all the mean things I said, the punched arms u probably will get once or twice lol.... know I still love you! :D) but the girls need their milk! For many, they will be able to cut MOTN pumps out all together, but for me that wont happen anytime soon! A) I still don't make enough during the day (but am only off by about an oz or 2 each feeding.. a HUGE improvement from... well.... EVER!) and B) I need to SERIOUSLY work on my freezer stash to reach my goal of EBM 2-3 years so I can't turn down ANY milk that I can get at this point!

SOOOOOOO, now for the fun part! Daddy had a WFH day and with all the chaos of the "Snowpocolypse" we were glad to be able to just spend the day at home warm and together.  Even though he was hard at work all day and we went about our day as usual, it was nice to all be under the same roof! :) We had avocados for breakfast (they were finally ripe!) with a little bit of porridge.  One thing I want to say about the porridge is that, just like any other rice, make sure you add a few drops of water to it when heating it up so that it is not dry.  I used a coffee cup of hot h2o and just put the "box" into the water.  I have these Ameda baby cups that were given to me when the girls first came from a breastfeeding support place. I had NO clue what I was going to use them for when I first got them, but like everything else that I have this problem with, I just stick em in a box in the closet until I either need em or need to get rid of them.  And TA-DA! Being a hoarder paid off lol. They are almost TOO perfect for portioning out the girls food! ("guacamole," "porridge," etc).  Now, tomorrow is Wed and the porridge is good for 2-3 days in the fridge. So I am thinking that I will be eating the leftovers (Man, I REALLY am a mom now! lol) with some brown sugar sprinkled in it! (It's only going to be a few grown up spoonfuls.) I choose not to freeze the porridge bc it gets a little tough and rubbery, but at this rate I may put a little bit in there for emergency days! (Not that I mind eating it, but better to think smart, not hard! We all know stuff happens when it comes to babies! let alone 2)

We did our play and pump time after bfast (I had a bagel and left over avocados lol)  They LOVE those jumpers and I love the few minutes I get to sit (in "peace") and pump and watch my babies play and grow right in front of my eyes! I AM proud of the 4 pumps I managed to get in yesterday (shoulda been 6 but hey, its better then none right?)  I am super proud of my little (well not so little any more) boobies! They didn't make as much as they did yesterday, but you know what they say about upping your supply.  If you keep emptying out, it will take a day or 2 for your body to adjust.  I did pump more on vaca then I normally do, but not as consistently as I am able to now.  (Looking back on my pumping endeavors, I feel like I didn't do ANYTHING! That I wasn't consistent about it and that I was super lazy.  I know that to some extent that is true since I HATE pumping, and I have to give a HUGE shout out to my Exclusively Pumping Support group who gave me info and tips on ways to keep pushing towards my goal of bf! (Which are to nurse until they wean themselves and continue to offer BM for 2-3 years... I do mostly pump, but am not at all opposed to a nursing session here or there.  I am mostly focused on pumping now to monitor and up my supply. YES, I know the pump doesn't empty me out as well as baby. YES, I do hand express whatever is left after my sessions. and NO, I don't make them wait to eat... If I haven't pumped, they get the boob! or F... but we are trying to avoid F at all costs!)

So after our b4 nap time snack bottles, down they went off I go! I got their highchairs wiped down, the dishwasher unloaded and loaded, some laundry going, and some blogging and pumping done before I had to wake them up.  After day 2 of having to wake them I am deciding to move the rice porridge to dinner time. It seems to REALLY fill them up (even those few tiny bites!) and we are trying really hard to get them to STTN with NO feeds SO.... (again trying to think smart not hard!) It just kind of makes sense. I mean I LOVE the quiet time, but I don't want them sleeping all day! that's what the nighttime is for! Mommy wants to PLAY!!!! !

After I woke them, we had a bottle of course.  They did not want to drink though :/ The girls have recently discovered the dogs and have over the past few days wanted to do nothing more then watch them. SO of course I had to take them to their nursery (that we never use these days :/ they still sleep in our room and I havent had a chance to rearrange so that I can put the swings in there... mentally adding it to my list of things to do this week!).  The girls sat in their bumbos and watch the doggies play. O.M.G. the giggle fest they had in there!!!! I had to call their Paarth Mama (maternal uncle) bc he has been waiting for those belly laughs and they randomly come and go still. They didn't laugh (of course) when we facetimed him but he LOVED getting to see them! SO, Ms. MiMi.... graced me with my first ever poop overrun explosion! (It was the diapers fault though... not that I was mad either way.. I mean what better way to say HAPPY MIDDAY then a big old poop all over the place? lol) After that crisis was averted (by laying a blanket we have no attachment to and changing her on it... I knew all those hospital blankets that we had brought home would come in handy one day! lol......

IMG_7004 Pardon that closet floor mess... working on sorting through the clothes and unpacking.... *embarrassed face*IMG_7005

MiMi seems to have something against her Paarth Mama (maternal uncle)... spilling milk on her "I LOVE MY UNCLE" outfit, screaming every time he holds her.... lol. So THIS outfit is for HIM!!!!! PIKACHU, I CHOOSE YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!" IMG_7010

After we played, we went to the kitchen (mommy was hungry.... well ya, I'm ALWAYS hungry lol).  I made a salad for me and hubby and the girls had some left over bananas! So, left over bananas you say! Well here is a little tip to keep your bananas fresh after opening them! I cut the banana in half UNPEELED.  I peel from the middle/cut section and then cut and serve... Take the peel from the eaten part and cover the other exposed half and then put in a ziplock bag and twist the banana into a corner. (I will be sure to post a picture of this the next time I do it!)  I didn't even think about it today, the fat girl in me was trying to claw it's way out! I made a raspberry vinaigrette salad (Kraft dressing... I do have a few DIY recipes that I will be working on after I run out of what I have in the house and report back!)  I added some "chicken" to it for hubby! Hey, he can't say I didn't try!  (I sauteed it with some chicken rub and seasoning salt with OF COURSE Adobe seasoning from Goya....!)  It took about a whole 5 min to put together.  While the "chxn" was cooking, I diced up some tomato and added some feta with croutons.  YUMMMMM!!! (I did make extra "chxn" to have on hand for tomorrow!)  The good thing about salads (and prob the most frustrating thing about em too) is that they speed up your metabolism.  So after eating a HUGE salad I am still hungry! like i said gift and curse about salads!   IMG_7009

The girls went for a nap shortly after I got my next pump in (so yay me!!!! Day 2 of consistent pumping every 3 hours! woot woot!) I tried really hard to find some energy to get some more stuff done, but I just HAD to crash out for a nap! (Fairy Cami will be proud!) The thing about naps for me is that while I DO love sleep, I just don't like having a limit on it when I do get it (ummm wait... did I really just say that? lol.... says the lady who has TWO alarm clocks at 7 am with no snooze button smh) but I'm sure u get what I mean. Nadi woke up about an hour after I went to nap and I totally skipped out on my next pump and nursed her (and then MiMi when she woke)... SEE, I do still like to nurse! ;) It is important to nurse every once in a while bc their saliva is what tells my milk to change to meet their specific needs!

Pretty bland after this... the girls had "guacamole" (smushed up yet still chunky avocado).  I had TOFU RANCHERO on the menu today (that i have been DYING to try for IdK how long now), but the hubs was in the mood for pizza (and luckily I keep a frozen one or 2 in the freezer at all times) so pizza it was! I also made some meatball bundles which are DELISH!!!! I made them at our NYE party and they were the BIGGEST HIT! So real quick here is the recipe:

-8 oz can of pillsbury cresent rolls

-basil (i used dried but fresh is recommended)

-whole mozz cheese... like a log or ball, its better then the blocks, but that can work too

-meatballs (I used a veggie kind... Gardin brand whose entire line of products are amazing! same brand I used for the chxn in the salad.... I put them in simmering pasta sauce for about 8-10 minutes; The recipe calls for Mama Mancini (brand... they are fully cooked meatballs that you can get in either beef or turkey) and we used those at NYE... both are great!)

What to do:

1. Preheat oven to 400°F. Coat baking sheet with spray. Unroll dough; divide dough into triangles, then cut each triangle into 3 even, long strips (24 pieces total). 2. Remove meatballs from sauce (reserve sauce). Cut meatballs into quarters; cut cheese into 24 small pieces and cut basil in half. 3. Place one piece each of meatball, cheese, and basil at one end of dough; roll up and place on baking sheet. Repeat. 4. Coat bundles with spray. Bake 10-12 minutes or until golden. Microwave reserved sauce on HIGH for 2 minutes or until hot. Serve sauce on the side for dipping.

Again, quick and easy to make and SUPER yummy! Me and daddy ate while the girls played and scooted around their playroom. (Today I took out the shape blocks to explore.... I will start teaching em about shapes soon! I CANT WAIT to make posters! gahhhhhhhh). Daddy ran out to the store for some last minute "snowpocolypse" necessities (i.e. some rum and coke... lol We already have enough food! and he makes the bread soooooo). I gave the girls a bath and by the time he got back we were all ready for story time and bottles. :) We read 101 Dalmatians tonite and I have a feeling it will be on tomorrow while we play! I hope we can go out for a few minutes and play in the snow!  Anywho, after story time I put Nadi in the crib and let her scoot and what not until she found THE perfect spot to face plant in (which took about 20 minutes to do lol...) MiMi was out b4 the end of the story (as always) and this is what I found while waiting for Nadi to fall asleep! IMG_7016

She is going to be SUCH a daddys girl! He spent the few hours that she was in NICU (for rapid breathing) by her side (with the exception of being with me while I waited to be taken up to my room after delivery).  It was doomed from the start, those 2! lol....

Me and hubby are going to regret staying up so late tonite, but we got some quality time in (which is important to do) AND I got TWO pumps in! Now for those few hours of blissful sleep until the little monsters (they are only monsters during night time lol)  wake again!

I am working hard to find new things to share with you! Someone today told me about mason jar salads (thank you!) and another about some homemade mason jar salad dressing! (yes, i live in the south and NO I did not plan to stumble upon everything mason jar lol... i didnt even know what those were until a few years ago! lol) I am so glad to be able to share all of this with you all and want to make sure that everyone that comes across my blog knows that I am open to suggestions and other/any unsolicited advice, stories, etc! There is ALWAYS room to learn and knowledge is power! :)

Until next time folks! Twinmommy101... OUT! :p