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Weaning: Day 1


We'll start with last night! I am trying to get SO much done at once and am working on feeling everything out to see what kind of routine will work best for us now that I have an extra "chore" on my plate.  Last night after I got all the groceries put away, I got some things (ok like one or 2 things) prepped up for the week. I made stuffed greek turkey burgers with sweet potato fries (baked) for dinner and had sweet potato fries for the girls to enjoy, and we watched some of Charlotte's Web (no we don't watch tv with the girls, but we DID just finish the book last night soooo...) My suggestion for the potato (in regards to the girls especially) is to cut, cook, cool, and then freeze SEE BELOW) . They will stay good for up to 10 months frozen (not that I plan to keep them for that long), and will be perfect to just pop into the toaster oven for a snack from time to time. (I don't want to give TOO much bc of the beta carotene, I don't want my girlies turning into oompa loompas!) I laid them flat in a ziplock freezer bag. Tomorrow I will "bunch" them all up together (unlay them flat if that makes sense) and add more that I freeze over the week if I cook more sweet potatoes.

As you can see, I should have left them out to cool just a little longer :/ my first time doing like 90% of all this stuff though so bear with me! IMG_6995

Making the Greek burgers were not too bad at all. (I only made them bc I still had turkey in my freezer. I won't be buying anymore after I make my last pack.)  I just mixed the meat with some Kraft Greek dressing and marinade, added some VERY FINELY chopped onions, feta cheese and fresh cilantro.  Added ADOBE seasoning by Goya (and lots of it... I put this in pretty much everything lol), a little steak rub, some oregano and basil, and salt/pepper.  Made mini patties and toasted some Kings Hawaiian Wheat rolls.  Spread some mayo on them and add a little lettuce and tomato as well. DELIC! (After I run out of the mayo in the fridge, I will be making our own mayo.... well testing out a recipe at least!)


Bring water to a boil (to save time, cover while heating); add potato and boil uncovered. My tips for this are to go ahead and cut them into the size of fries that you want. (I just kept cutting in FAT halves until I got the size I wanted. Remember you want to keep em thick enough for baby to hold.. and they will have a death grip on it at first; also want to make sure they are long enough that they can bite but not so long that they break when they try to bite. I go for around 2-2.5 inches eyeballed) On the plus side to pre-cutting them, they boil quicker! (thats an obvious fact of potato life, but I went ahead and boiled a whole 1/2 potato and some fries and it took 1/2 the time with the fries. After they cool off, rub a touch of lemon juice** on them to preserve them and then lay out flat in a bag to freeze.  When baking them for eating, just rub a little coconut oil on them to make them a touch crispy :)

**It is not advised that you give babies citrus until a year old due to acidity.  The acidity can cause potentially "terrible" rashes (including diaper rashes) around the mouth due to the acidity. Also, after a study released in 2008, many pediatricians (ours included) do not place restrictions on what can and can not be eaten according to the age of the child. This is another reason why even if it says "7 mo" in my book, I don't mind giving it a week or 2 earlier.  It is not a MUST that you don't give citrus... with pretty much everything else, it is upon the parents discretion. Click here for site and more info about citrus and other foods! 


I cannot believe it is already time for us to start having "family meals!"  I look at my little bitties and just can't believe how much they have grown, how big they have gotten, and how far they have come! I LOVED the way our day went today and can only hope and pray that the rest to come flow as well! (I mean come on now, they are already happy babies, a little food can only make them happier! lol) So, for breakfast daily we will be having "Super Porridge" (from our Super Baby Food book).  This is an EXCELLENT way to start each day because all it consists of is brown rice! Brown rice is a GREAT source of nutrients needed for their growing bodies and brains, and this way they can get it all with NO preservatives or "extras." One reason that I REFUSED to give rice cereal before 6 months (along with the whole grain ceremony thing), was that the packaged stuff you buy has SO much stuff in it that is bad for your baby.  All that stuff just turns to sugar in their bodies after they eat it (hence the reason it can contribute to the early onset of childhood diabetes).  So how do we make our yummy (bland) breakfast lol? (Adults, this could be really good for us too with a little brown sugar added... not tried it yet, but I could see it happening in the future)

  1. Bring one cup of h2o to a boil
  2. While the h2o is coming to a boil, measure out 1/4 cup of brown rice and place in blender
  3. GRIND rice for 2 minutes (it will turn into a powder; this time can be decreased as baby becomes a more experienced eater; the longer you grind, the less chunky it will be.)
  4. Once water is boiling, turn it to the lowest setting and add rice (i opened the bottom of the blender and put it in that way to prevent the powder/rice dust from getting everywhere... I'd love to say this was my idea, but it came from the book!)]]]
  5. It will be SUPER clumpy at first so just whisk until it evens out (it will slowly even more out while cooking so don't stress if you can't get it all at first ;) )cover and cook for 10 min, stirring frequently
  6. allow to cool for 10-15 minutes MIN

It took about a full tablespoon to fill BOTH of the girls up, so this stuff will last you a while (I managed to also get 3 days portioned out, which is how good it will last in the fridge so its pretty perfect).  Remember NOT to store what baby has eaten out of because bacteria will grow, etc etc.  So, be sure to spoon out what you need in a separate bowl, and also storing is MUCH easier in "daily sized" containers.  I also gave the girls some banana for BLW so they had something to occupy their hands (and selves) with when I was tending to the other or taking a bite of my own breakfast (egg over medium on an english muffin NO butter... mommy's trying to get fit and ready to get in her bikini again with NO cover up, unlike at the beach lol).  Clean up is not too bad if you plan it right (and all clean ups will happen during nap time... don't want to take away my time with the girls while they are awake.)

MiMi monkey... more interested in her bib (info below) then the food... at first! lolIMG_6969IMG_6982 IMG_6971Nadi and the faces she makes are PRICELESS!!! I can tell I'm going to like this feeding stuff.... :) IMG_6981 IMG_6980 IMG_6973 There's one of those faces I was talking about! IMG_6972IMG_6970

After we ate breakfast, we had a small bottle (1 oz) of water to clean our mouths and re-hydrate. (I don't push them to finish it, I just let them take what they want and keep it moving).  When they are done with their waters, I put them in their jumpers.  A great chance for them to play and burn off some energy and those calories, while I can at least get dishes put away in the sink and soaking.  I also get a chance to pump the bottles that they will take b4 nap time. (I they usually take 2 oz, but I'm going to go to 2.5 oz now since we are working on cutting out MOTN feeds! (yay! *Fingers crossed* so far not so bad... but more on that later) I managed to get out 1.5 from each side (so I made an oz of F for each of them additionally) MiMi must really not like her Paarth Mama (maternal uncle), bc not only does she scream when he holds her (funniest thing ever) but she spilled her BM (nonetheless) ALL OVER her I LOVE MY UNCLE onesie. Costume change #1 for the day (I literally JUST dressed them b4 they went in their bouncies for nap time bottle and story time.

This hair.... NOTHING could tame it today! If it comes back tomorrow, there will def be a bow up in there too!  IMG_6985 Twinkle Toes (Miraya)IMG_6986 Pooor poooorr Paarth MamaIMG_6987

Me and the hubby are debating about breaking them from the swings all together since they managed for a week without them.  MiMi ended up falling asleep in her bouncy after her bottle. Nadi ended up in the swing bc after bout 15 min of sleeping in her bouncie she woke up.  They went down at 10:45, MiMi up after an hour; Nadi after 2.5 hours! GO NADI!!! Me and MiMi wore a little and played a LOT.  I wore her for a short while so that I could get some bottles washed and a few other things done around the house. Of course she eventually fell asleep lol.  I pumped again at 12:30 (3 hours after my first time).  I managed to get 3.75 oz (of the 7 I needed... I can live with that).  I have some milk in the fridge from my pump before bed last night so all is not lost! (That is going to be the best time for me to stock up and compensate for the milk I still can't make during the day!

The girls took a bottle after they woke up and then we played for a bit. We had "snack time" about an 1.5 hours after the bottle (but went in the high chairs about an hour after).  The girls played a little bit, and supervised me making my salad.  I bought 3 different kinds of lettuce yesterday (romaine, red leaf, AND iceberg. What can I say? I LOVE salads!) I have read about several different ways to store it, and even though I have a crisper, I opted to try storing them in a brown paper bag IN the crisper... We'll see how it works out. I'm kind of sad that I can't "pre-wash" and portion everything out.  (I used to portion out my ready made mix into individual bags for the week and add things like cheese and dried fruit to it so I could just pull out the day, add the dressing and go!) But it's not like it takes a lot of effort to throw together a salad, so I will live.   My avocados were not as ripe as I would have liked them to be today, so we stuck with a few more sweet potato fries for snack (about 2-3 per twincess).  Since this time is strictly BLW time (so that they can explore and "play" with their food) I was not too worried about them ingesting too much BC. (And from the pix below, I'm sure you can see that not much was eaten! Which reminds me to mention, we are looking into composting and hope to start that sooner than later. It just makes sense to do it and ESPECIALLY with all the loose mushy particles floating around here. I don't mind popping in a few bites of soggy half chewed on goodness, but I'd rather NOT make that a fast habit lol)

Of all the toys in the room, Chunk wanted to play with the wrap! lol IMG_6992 IMG_6993

MiMi.... are those fries not good? lol IMG_6996 IMG_7002 Nadi bear getting down with her fries! IMG_6998IMG_6997 IMG_7001This doesn't even begin to capture the mess that was made! IMG_6999 And of course... my own lunch :) IMG_7003

After lunch and some playtime, around 4 we called it quits for nap time! I managed to squeeze in another pumping session for the before nap time bottles!! (that makes a grand total of 3 already since the day started!!! Like I said, hoping everyday goes like today!!!!!)  I made JUST enough to fill up the girls! Daddy came home early so he got to play with them just a little and helped me out tremendously by putting them down for a nap! (Shout out to the hubby!!!! Thank you!) I got some time to clean the kitchen and start (already) a load of dishes! (those fries are no joke when it comes to the high chair trays! lol)

Nadi only napped for about an hour and a half (which is ideal considering how much she slept earlier!) MiMi napped a little longer (which I didn't mind bc of her earlier protest! We did end up waking her up!) The girls had a bottle (smaller than what I would have liked for them to have).  I know I mentioned in a previous post that baby should still be drinking 32 oz of milk a day.   I just wanted to clarify that this is a general "average" number and that not all babies will hit this marker.  For example: the girls, while are 6 months old (5 adjusted), only weigh in at still 13 & 14 lbs (hopefully that's changed since the day b4 we left for PR when they were last weighed!!!) They are still just making it into the 3-6 mo clothes (some of which are still a little big on them; they do mostly 0-3 mo.  For the trip I was SO excited to be able to pull out some of the summer clothes I had bought for them when I was pregnant and not realizing they were going to be (and stay) so small lol.  I just go by making sure that they are still consuming around the same amounts as before they started solids (I have been keeping track via the good old paper/pencil method today in addition to my pumping out puts!) Pre-solids we had about 3 oz after waking and 2 before naps.  I am trying to up it to 2.5 just because I know that their growing bodies will need more milk (Even if breast milk changes over time through babies saliva to meet their needs, it can only be assumed that they will still need to consume just a little more.) But like I said, as long as they are full and on the "same track" as before I am ok!

After a brief play time after eating, the girls came into the kitchen (around 6:30) and played in their high chairs/ "helped" me cook dinner. They like to watch me peel vegetables, chop food, saute things, etc while playing with something.  It's nice to have them in there bc I can teach them about food and cooking and care, etc.  Never too young to start learning! I made a Mediterranean rice salad (which is pretty quick and easy and super healthy!) I had to add a little Italian dressing to mine bc I forgot I always have to make extra dressing (and I honestly did not feel like mincing garlic again).  I have a condiment problem and am trying VERY hard to break it lol!  I want to slowly switch over to homemade dressing altogether, but I can't lie... I do love my greek salads (my lunch today!) and my vinaigrettes sooooo... we'll see. Since my avocados weren't ripe enough we went for some banana's again for dinner.  We did all BLW (I would like to do "guacamole" for dinner until we can get more foods under our belt!) Please refer to the previous post for the recipe for dinner as well as more info on my plans for BLW and incorporating other foods such as guac.

I am toying with the idea of pushing bedtime back by 30 minutes.  We do now have to finally do night time baths due to all the eating and slobber that gets all over us! (I am going to make an all natural baby "cleaner" to wipe them down with after feedings so stay tuned for that!)  I would have liked to stick with AM baths and may be able to go back to them once the girls get eating down with less of a mess (so like when they are 20? lololololol) We got all squeaky clean and ready for bed at 8 (our usual time so not too shabby).  Not sure what killed the mood for the day tonite though.  The girls were super fussy and refused to drink their milk! We had quite the commotion going on, and it got to the point where daddy had to replace the motor for the swing (it had JUST got delivered at bedtime... expected to arrive 2 weeks ago!!!! thanks to the snow storm it got delayed.. until today.. oh good old UPS! Thanks for that!) and we had to just put them both in there.  (They both finished their bottles when they were calm and dozing off btw)

Now as I am sitting for my last pump before bedtime (I will have to wake at 1 and 5 to pump though! yippee!!! *pfffffttttt ya ok!*). listening to the quiet of my house and low whinning of my dish washer, I have to say (looking back) that today was a success (minus the bedtime part of course).  I wasn't overwhelmed with my needing to pump; I am SUPER proud I got in 5... yes FIVE pumping sessions within 12 hours! that is AH-MAZING! I have 2 more to go so that would make it 7 pumps for the day (which averages out to about every 3.5 hours!!! I will take it!)! I managed to make everyone in the house breakfast, lunch (daddy took his to work), and dinner! I managed to keep everyone happy and my kitchen clean at the end of the night.  My laundry hit the back burner, but for the most part it is caught up... you know how sometimes the same load just keeps getting "warmed up" so you can fold it... ya, those poor towels must have fluffed 3 times today and still got folded cold lol (thanks to daddy who helped me out with that one so I could pump in peace!)  I catch myself looking at my angels sometimes and getting caught SO off guard.  Like today, MiMi's socks said "I <3 MOM" and I was like awwwww those cute socks that match ur onesie...... "wait! HOLY CRAP!!! THATS ME! I'M MOM! WHOAAAA when did this happen???" it may sound crazy but IJS. I'm REALLY glad that we are all eating now! I LOVE cooking and this just makes me SO ecstatic to be able to share that love with my girls and I'm sure hubby is gonna love the additional benefits from it! ;)

A quick mention about the bibs I decided to use: Tommee Tippee Bibs  (much cheaper at BRU btw!)  They are perfect bc they have a food catcher, and yes while it may not catch EVERYTHING, it will def save you a few trips of bending over to the floor! IMG_1100[1]

I look SO forward to updating you all on our adventures in food! I am working really hard to get these daily posts up as well as finish up the vaca posts AND continue cleaning up the website. I have done a few things here and there, but will make a formal announcement when I think I have done enough revising to have made a noticeable difference.  :) GA FOLKS: stay warm and full and I hope EVERYONE snuggles up as much as they can with the ones they love! Today will be forever gone, and tomorrow is not guaranteed..... Til next time....  <3


*SIDE NOTE: me and daddy worked hard to get the playroom a little more functional.... we still need to put some stuff on the walls, but so far, not so bad! :D*

From the outside looking in :) IMG_1101 IMG_1103 The Bhagavad Gita was given to MiMi by our Priest at the temple during the girls Annaprashan! At the end of the ceremony he plays a game with them offering different items. These included a ring (symbolizing wealth), a book (symbolizing learning), a pen (symbolizing career) and fruit (symbolizing the love for food). The child's future direction and prospects in life are indicated by the object which it prefers to hold and play with. MiMi picked the book (he had placed HIS copy of  the Bhagvad Gita in the plate and without hesitation gave it to her AS IS!!!!) That was a sign for me to make sure I teach my girls all I can about, not only our religion, but about all religions and the beauty of having a purpose to life as a devotee to Krishna. (Ironically, Miraya in Hindi mean "Lord Krishna's Devotee!" Nadi picked the pen! I'm ONE HAPPY AS CAN BE MOMMY!!!!! IMG_1104 There is a baby gate that goes between the kitchen and the playroom (it's at granma's house right now) so just mentally paint that in:) IMG_1107