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Vaca Day 7: Monday Already :(


GIRL-IES!!! I just absolutely CAN NOT believe it is Monday already! We have been here for almost a week!!!! Where has the time gone? The funny thing about time..... Sometimes (i.e. when one, but ESPEC both, are screaming and crying, or when it's just a few minutes b4 nap time lol) I feel like time just stands still, and others I have to stop and try to figure out where the day/week/month has gone! I find it ironic that when it stands still is when I tend to savor it the least, and I'm working SO hard on trying to fix that. (I mean yes, I don't ideally want to savor your screaming and carrying on, but at the same time I only have a good few years of it left... and it wont be as cute as time passes lol... SOOO YES I DO want to "enjoy" these moments. I find that both me and daddy are getting better about having patience with you when you guys do this, but man ladies, can u cut some parents a break every now and then lol.... either way we still love u the mostest mostest mostest) SOOOO.... We're off to breakfast in your most favorite transportation arrangement: MiMi stroller, Nadi back! IDK why sometimes I try to make such a fuss about "being fair," but at the same time, I don't want one of you to experience something more then the other... I think it is only fair you both have chances to "try new things" bc you never know what you will like until you try it (and trying it does not always consist of just one time... FYI for future reference ladies!) MiMi, you and Daddy have started this new thing where he "spits" and you do it RIGHT back! (I did catch it on video, and if all goes as planned, I will make a little "montage" of our trip at some point in time) It was just the cutest thing you 2 have come up with so far!  (Note to self: carry a rain poncho from here on out! lol)

MiMi, chillen in your spot! Blowing spit back and forth with daddy IMG_6752So girls... do I have a story for you! (ESPECIALLY you MiMi monkey!) So after we walked daddy down to the parking garage to see him off to work, we went back upstairs so mommy could have her bagel. (I have yet to successfully eat my bagel WARM WITH cream cheese spread on it... I usually have it cold and hard and have to DIP pieces of it into the cream cheese.. thanks u guys! Just one more sacrifice the fat girl in me is more then "happy" to make for y'all :) ). SO we sat down, Skyped with Granpa while I had a few more snackies (those danishes will be the end of me!)... After we got done, MiMi, you were SO insistent on holding my phone... without thinking I just gave it to u and we went back to toast my bagel (I was in no rush to get anywhere... we had no plans). After I put my bagel in the toaster, I went to try to take my phone back (I didn't want it in ur mouth for too long... yes I have a LIFEPROOF case so it's waterproof, but u know.... radiation, cancer... blah blah blah....). OH-EMMM-GEEEEEEEEE holy poopie diapers, any bystander would have thought I had just cut your pinkie toe off with some pliers! you SCREEEEEEEEAAAAAAMEDD SO LOUD! Neither the toy on ur stroller NOR offering the phone back to you would calm you. I had to grab my bagel out of the toaster, cram it, the cream cheese packet, AND your banana in that littler folded up umbrella on the stroller (technically we aren't supposed to take food out from there), and BOLT! (Chunky, you were being mommys good girl on the back all extra chill and calm).... SO... one of my FAVORITE parts of being a twin mom is this... 2 ppl came up to me... One asked if I needed help (which didn't bother me so much, her intentions were sweet) the other was like "oh it's not so easy is it?? feed her something.... etc etc"  Now girls, violence is NEVER the answer but seriously??  I wanted to slap her!  just cause I have twins, how does that make me any less capable of caring for and enjoying time spent with my children alone?? If i was a singleton mom... no one would even give me a second look.. they would have been like "that lady needs to shut her kid up!" ughhhhh *rolls eyes* So, yes thanks girls! NEVER a dull moment!

So, for our fun activity for the day, we all decided that the pool would be the best choice :D We got back from breakfast (with me pushing an empty stroller with MiMi in my arms and Chunk on my back... smh) and you guys were SO fussy that I we skipped breakfast and went straight for milk and naps!  Of course mommy pumped and got things a little together while you napped.  By the time you all woke up, me and daddy made plans to meet and have a poolside lunch with you two and then we would part ways (daddy back to work and us at the pool).  We had some SUPER yummy Cuban food and you guys tried YUKA for the first time! It's pretty much like a potato. :) You guys kill me with your solid food eating skills. Def not as messy (yet) as I expected, but the faces and noises you make will forever entertain! (We will be able to take more videos of u guys when we get home and u are in the high chairs! it's hard holding and feeding you guys at the same time AND trying to take a video :( ) Of course EVERYONE is looking at me at the pool like "How is that lady about to take BOTH of those babies in the pool at the same time by herself?" Looking at me all EXTRA crazy... But we managed to make things happen! We sat on the steps and you guys splashed all around and kicked ur little legs like crazy! (The wind did knock down the stroller once and ppl had to help fix that since I was in the pool, and someone asked if I needed help when we got out and I was wrapping you both and myself in towels... but I felt like I needed to do that on my own to prove to myself, and others lol, that I could handle it myself! I don't mind the help but I know I can do anything I need to by myself and it just feels so much more rewarding to prove myself right!) I didnt get any pix of us in the pool this time since we were just out to enjoy ourselves. But again, the memories we made today in the pool are the kind that I will hold forever in my heart and close to me! It's ok to not get EVERYTHING on camera, but it's better if we do! :D

I have to say that I don't think I look too bad just having had 2 babies 6 months ago! Especially considering I haven't done too much to "drop the weight" besides watching what I eat.... I'm sure that the millions of pieces of flan I ate on the trip did anything to help either lol, but hey "when in Rome"


Sweet girls ready to hit the pool! IMG_6761

"Who wants to go swimming?!!!!"IMG_6762 IMG_6763"Sissy, get your head away from my butt!!!"IMG_6764After the pool, I lotioned you up and you guys were OUT!!!! Such sweet and well behaved girls! (95% of the time lol; that 5% not so much when you have to wait for me to get your bottles ready! lol)IMG_6766

After daddy got done working, he wanted to take his girls out for dinner at our favorite restaurant in Old San Juan! Mommy was excited for a chance to fix her hair and put on some makeup and a cute outfit! (Thanks to Fairy Cami!) We got ready and headed out around 5:30.

 I took this selfie upon Fairy Cami and Aunt Heather's request. (They told me I didn't ALWAYS have to take pix of you girls... pffftttt ok *eye roll*, but nonetheless here is one.. Felt kinda funny to only have me in it :/ But at least now you will always know what your mommy CAN look like when she's not in her traditional jammies and ponytail get up! IMG_6768 We had SO much fun wearing you girls and walking around Old San Juan! The last time mommy and daddy came we walked around for a whole day and saw all the "sites". There were a few ships in town that day so it was CROWDED! And of course EVERYONE asked if you guys were twins, if you were a boy and a girl (SMH) and the other millions of typical questions. But we LOVED it!!!! And you guys had so much fun listening to us talk and walk around. You got to see a whole nother side to what PR is like (The "old timey" city look is SO pretty and such a unique experience) IMG_6769 Daddy LOVES wearing his girls! Chunk, I tried to (and obviously was unsuccessful) put you on my back for this walk. I wanted to show of my cute outfit (ya I know thats kinda vain... but it's a rare chance... I didn't mind though! As long as I am wearing you that's all I care about!) So, just a little story, we walked back and forth and forth and back around the same few blocks looking for this place to eat at. Turns out (after 20-30 min of walking) that we passed by it about 4 times. It had closed down :( I thought I recognized the doors, but the few people that we asked (the policia included) where the place was, and no one had said it was closed, so the closing must have been fairly recently. And we were REALLY sad about it! But the plus side to it was that we got to walk around and spend extra time with you both! And as a family! NOTHING can ruin that! Even having to change our dinner plans IMG_6770 IMG_6771 We ended up at Senor Frogs. Neither of us had ever eaten there so we figured "why not" Had we known what the atmosphere was like, we may have made another choice, but surprisingly you both loved it! We ate with you guys in the wraps (we didn't tote the car seats around since we had parked in parking deck a few blocks away). First time going out to eat with you both wrapped up. There was SO MUCH going on that you guys were pretty entertained! Towards the end of the meal we took you guys out so you could "dance" and enjoy yourselves too! SUCH well behaved girls! RIGHT at the end of the meal you guys got a little cranky (but it was already past 8 so it was to be expected). We carried you guys back to the car and you guys were FAST asleep by the time we made it back to the hotel :) IMG_6772 MiMi and daddy at dinner! One of the sweetest pictures EVER! I think I told you guys this before, but your daddy HATED how I was ALWAYS taking pictures. (Yes, I've had this problem since WAY b4 you guys were born lol). But now he has come to love my addiction to perpetuating the sterotype of "iPhone users take the most pictures" lol. I mean, otherwise we all may have never had a chance to always look back on this sweet dinner moment... IJS :D IMG_6773 HAD to get a pix by the frog. It's not the best pix bc you guys were a little fussy and daddy was ready to get back to the room... but at least we got one in! :) IMG_6777 Daddy getting his arm work out on taking you both back to the room. You guys slept until your typical 3-4 am... MiMi, why do you think that is the most appropriate time to play? lol... one day my young child you will learn that is the time to sleep! But we won't ever get that time back so we might as well make the best of it! (Of course by we, I mean daddy lol) IMG_6780Geez, my sweet little ladies! Hard to believe only 2 more days before it's time to go back home! Makes me so sad, yet pushes me to make sure that we make the best of the little time we have left. This trip has been thus far beyond amazing! We have had so much time to bond as a family unit and I can't imagine a better way to be able to do it! I am SO thankful for this opportunity to enjoy my 3 most favoritest people (even though u still make me want to rip my hair out a few times in the day lol). Can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us! Daddy's last FULL day of work! The rest of this week will be THE BEST part of the trip!

Much love sweet angels (and daddy)