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Vaca Day 4 and 5: Daddy Time!


Well girlies, it's FRIDAY!!! (not that that really means anything to us lol). Today's morning was about the same as it always is.  But you guys and these cups! I could put a whole toy stores worth of toys on this big ole bed, and all you guys will want is these stinking cups!  I LOVE watching you guys explore new things and watching you entertain yourselves (and each other) with the things around you... It's so fascinating to me that these little toys and nick nacks can keep y'all so busy for so long!  

IMG_6635 Yummy yummy naners! (MiMi)IMG_6636 We did go for a walk (thankfully mommy was able to get SOMETHING on to cover those huge milkers this time lol) Nadi bear, you were out b4 I could even get sissy up! Silly girl... IMG_6638 IMG_6639 IMG_6641 My fave pix so far! Everything about this picture just makes me smile, let out a deep breath and relax! I will ALWAYS keep this picture (and memory) so close to my heartIMG_6646Once we got back, you girls napped and I got to blogging and had a little grown up unwind time! Hey, mommy needed a little time to "un-mommy" herself on this vaca too! But dont worry, you guys are RIGHT behind me snoozing away




The one good thing about "FRIDAY" is that daddy was able to leave a little early from work. He had been working so hard all week! He came back ready and eager to take his fave ladies to the beach for some fun in the sun! He got you guys all ready in ur swimmies, sunscreen. and bathing suits! (and the answer is yes! mommy relished in the few minutes she got to sit back and watch... I love watching u 3 together! and having my hands free for a quick second or 2!) 

Waiting for daddy to get backIMG_1023 IMG_1024

MiMi, you were ready first! (Chunky, I'm sorry I didn't get to take any pix of u :( daddy was SO eager to get down there!) IMG_6651 IMG_6653 IMG_6652 IMG_6654 And we're OFFFFFF!!!!! IMG_6656 IMG_6657 IMG_6659 daddy's like "girls, look at the camera!"IMG_6660 lol, how'd that work out for u daddy? :DIMG_6661 Oh, just chillen in the sand! IMG_6662 IMG_6663 After we got done at the beach (and talk about just in time bc it started to rain just shortly after we got packed up!) Mommy ordered food at the beach restaurant for lunch and we headed back to the room. Daddy actually gave u guys a bath (Granma style... filled up the tub and put u both btwn his legs while u played and he bathed lol; the same way we did it just 2 days ago) Once u guys got all clean and sand free, we all laid down and took a nice long late evening nap! Woke up around 11, we ordered room service! (YAY!) and had a little late night play session. (an almost instant regret when y'all wouldn't go back to sleep after an hour or 2.... )

Reading stories with your daddyIMG_6664 IMG_6665

DAY 5:

Today was a chill day, with just a walk on the beach and then chill/play time in the room with some naps til daddy got home. We did go out for brunch across the street since our bfast bar was closed for the weekend. MiMi, u went on the back and Chunky, u got the stroller.

"G" chillen IMG_1025IMG_1026 Daddy-daughter lovingIMG_1028



Chunk, you like to make the turtle face too!!! Just not as often as SissyIMG_1032


OUT! I seem to stay keeping sleepy dust on my back! :D


OF COURSE you were awake bright eyed and bushy tailed by the time we got back to the hotel! smhIMG_3036After mommy and daddy got done eating, we walked down to Walgreens to get you guys and avocado and hunt down a banana (of course after we waited out the passing storm lol....) Once we got back to the room (after 3 stops to find a banana that of course ended up being at the hotel coffee shop smh), daddy fed you b4 he went to work.  He isnt the biggest fan of naner messes, so u got mushy naners with a spoon.  But hey, as long as it's fresh idc how u eat it! (And you seemed to enjoy it more like this since you tend to death grip everything and it just turns to mush anyways when you feed urself BLW way lol)

NANERS!!!!! IMG_1040 IMG_1042 IMG_1043 IMG_1045 IMG_1044let me just let you guys know (since you won't remember) but u were grabbing daddy's hand and trying to snatch the spoon for more bites! and shooting evil eyes to each other as your sissy took her turn with a bite! lol After that, daddy went to work and we had a regular old day. Play time, naptime, bottle, repeat. Mommy has been working really hard to get her supply up while she doesn't have much to do so I stayed pretty much hooked up to my pump. I also took this time to organize the bazillion pictures I had been taking lol. After daddy got home, you 3 played for a while (and mommy took a little break and sat on the balcony! enjoyed the fresh air, the waves, and the sounds) we put you guys to sleep (pretty easily surprisingly) and ate dinner and talked and went to bed... a pretty super plain and simple day, yet SO enjoyable!  We did go on a walk b4 your first naptime though! Mommy needed the fresh ocean air to clear her mind and wanted to spend some extra special 1 on 2 time with my favorite girls! you guys BOTH passed out 1/2 way through! Well MiMi, you didn't last but about 2 seconds after I got you in lol.  Even though u guys were sleeping,  I still talked to you until we got back  to the room! they say you absorb things better into your brain when you are sleeping, so we talked about things about life that I want u to remember forever in your future!

IMG_6667 IMG_6669 IMG_6673NOTE the yoga photo bomber lol.... but I really think me and him are the 2 most at peace ppl on the whole beach! IMG_6671 OUT!IMG_6679 IMG_6680 MiMi, during playtime after your nap you managed to master how to prop ur teether up and chew on it while playing with Buddy.... Like I said, cease to amaze me! IMG_6681 OUT again, after a quick tandem nursing session! I didn't bring my pillow but we still managed to have a few successful sessions :D IMG_6705 OMG YUM!!! the biggest bag of hot fries I have ever seen in my LIFE! :D IMG_6682

Sorry today was kinda lame, but we needed a break for sure from being such busy girls to relax and recharge! I can't wait for tomorrow though! We are planning to take you guys to the local beach and have a fun family day! Love you girls lots <3