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Vaca Day 3: Fun in The Sun


First time at the beach and I went with you both BY MYSELF! YA, I sure was terrified to death! But omg, the fun we had was beyond indescribable. :D But let's start at the beginning shall we? .... We of course went to breakfast Thurs I had Nadi on my back (sorry MiMi, sis had to go on the back and she broke the every other day plan, but don't worry u got Fri and Sat up there for SURE!) Afterwards, we came back to the room and you guys had plantains for the very first time! It wasn't that big of a hit (but it comes as no surprise since its more firm and not as sweet as a banana). You def enjoyed holding it and making a big squashy mess though! (Luckily mommy was one step ahead of the game and had already told them to change the sheets when they came to clean the room :D) We had some guacamole to go with that too and man you guys had the most fun with me :D The one picture i managed to get (bc we were video chatting with granma the whole time) doesnt even do the bed and sheets justice to the mess we managed to make! IMG_1005

After you guys ate, WOW you guys knocked right out with your bottle (and by you guys I mean MiMi! lol) Chunk, you know that I had to put u up on my back to get you to fall asleep. (I'm telling you girl, if I have to keep doing that I am going to just glue u up there! EVERYDAY it feels like now! I'm not complaining bc I LOVE my free cuddles and snuggles, but u make it really hard for mommy to pump your milkies!) I managed to get some blogging done and also get some bottles washed and what not. If you guys are the sweetest things ever when you sleep all cozied up on me the way you do! You guys have to stop melting my heart like that or I'm not gonna last for much longer lol. After your nap, I mustered up the courage to brave the beach! We got all sunblocked up and packed and rolled out! MiMi on the front and Chunky in the stroller.

IMG_1014 IMG_1016

Just so you guys know, I ALWAYS feel like a tourist attraction when I take you guys out by myself (which has been the majority of this trip since daddy has been working so hard). People love to stare! And the two questions that make me want to slap people are: (1) "OMG Are they twins???" and (2) "AWWWW, are they both girls?" NO people, they just look exactly alike and are the same size and I dress them in pink/girls bathing suits just for fun. SMH! ANYWHO.... Let me just take this time to let you both know that your mommy is officially qualified to run the world now! Taking you BOTH out to the beach, putting out the blanket (which was pain enough within itself considering the winds were about 15-18 mph!), getting you both situated, and playing in the sand (Nadi, you sit a little better than ur sister but I didnt want to risk anything being on the sand). THEN we went and sat at the edge of the shore and played in the (few) waves that managed to make it all the way up to where we were sitting.  MiMi monkey.. oh honey bunny u DO NOT like those waves! We had to leave after a few of them bc boy oh boy did u cry like a baby!  But man did we look like some G's out there rocking out just us 3 girls :) (hopefully daddy can join us soon!)

MiMi monkey trying to scoot ur cute litte butt! Ur SO ready to crawl honey! IMG_6620 Oh, just playing in the sand! IMG_6621 IMG_6622 IMG_6624


Chunky, dude... do you know how much sand you ate today???? Lord help your poop!  After we got back done with the beach, we stopped by the pool of course and splashed a few waves of our own... to get rid of the sand... hehehehe and you guys thought mommy was just being cool and giving you extra water play time hehhe :D (MiMi, you were SO hesitant to get in the pool, since ur last experience in the water (with the waves) was not so enjoyable for u lol) So when we got back, I had to figure out a way to bathe you both and get you down for naps (and fed too!) Luckily your mommy is quick on her toes... it looked a little something like this :) .....

Chunk, I kept you in the stroller (you rode back in it from the pool) You both were SO tired! MiMi got a bath first (and again she was pretty much terrified of getting in the water lol) IMG_6626I got out of the tub with MiMi and there you were! lol.... IMG_6629After you (Chunk) got all fresh and clean too, it was mommy's turn to get squeaky clean and "de-sand".. this is how she made it happen! (we do this at home too but usually you guys are in your bouncy seats)IMG_6630

We got all cleaned up and went upstairs for some snackies before we headed out to dinner!  Wow what a mess it was. We tried to feed you guys, but they were having an "appreciation" happy hour for all the VIP guests and it was PACKED! we had to sit outside, but we couldn't see and the table wasn't big enough (we took y'all in your car seats bc we were going to eat immediately afterwards)..... when we did find a table inside (the people that worked the area were SOOOOO SWEET! and LOVED you girls, especially the AM crew... u guys always made them smile!), it was SO cold lol. We just couldn't win that evening. And speaking of not being able to win. The walk to the place wasn't THAT far, but of course it rained on the way there! (the thing about the rainstorms here is that it doesn't rain for the whole day, or 5, like it does back home. It rains for like 5 minutes and then passes and dries up like nothing ever happened.)

Once we got there, we fed you bottles and you both ZONKED out and for once we were able to enjoy our dinner with our hands free and in "peace"... (even though all we did was pretty much watch u guys sleep! lol... your seats were on the table directly in front of us and we had our plates squished btwn them lol.... oh girls, we really do love u! SOOOOO MUCH!) You both are getting really good at waking at 3-4 am and wanting to play. Hope this changes soon! Mommy and daddy need sleep too!!!! Even though it doesn't mean much in the "parent world," tomorrow is friday and I can't wait for the weekend! Hopefully daddy will have some extra time to spend with his 3 most favoritest girls! :D

I hope you both are enjoying the stories!!! SO much more to come! I love you both very much! (and so does daddy!)