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Vaca Day 6: Family Day!!!!


My little Ladies. FIRST and foremost, let me just tell you that your behavior ceases to blow BOTH mine and daddy's mind! Like WOW! We were out pretty much ALL DAY and not once did you get fussy or even make people aware of the fact that there was a baby present (let alone 2!) We started the day off with some breakfast. Daddy had fun getting to feed you BLW for the first this morning!!! There was banana EVERYWHERE! lol, he had been convinced that you guys won't be messy eaters... he also thought we only needed 14 shirts and 14 pants b4 y'all came. Bless your daddy! He is sooo sweet and learning so much every day! He REALLY loves you girls and those happy tears I told you about that I have on the inside.... well I could flood the desert when I see the three of you together when y'all think I'm not looking. :D I know that the day I lock myself in the bathroom and cry bc you only want daddy is just around the corner :/ and I am totally cool with that! <3 that daddy-daughter love!

You guys are just TOO sweet on each other... you were both on opposite sides of the bed b4 you ended up like this! IMG_1060IMG_6715

 We had initially made plans to go to the local beach that we visited last time we came.  We also wanted to catch the weekend brunch at this one place that we went to last time.  It is a Peruvian restaurant (so of course daddy loves it) and it is right on the beach so it is a win win. After we fed you bananas and bottles, I got you both up in our new carry that we learned yesterday in our wrap! We decided to walk to the place (it really wasnt that far) and eat and come back. Well..... you see. We didnt really think this one through lol. We were just SO excited to be able to have a family day and have the time to enjoy with daddy. We totally did NOT take anything with us lol, and forgot u guys were nakie in that wrap. (VERY FORTUNATELY, you guys did not create ANY issues in these circumstances! Reason #694204454245 why we love you more than you will ever know! :D ) Daddy ended up taking you back with him to the hotel MiMi. He went to get the carseats and onesies and diapers bc we felt like we had pushed our luck to enough and were flirting with disaster.

IMG_3041 IMG_3045 IMG_3048 IMG_3050

We had SO much fun getting to hang out and play with you for the hour that we waited for them to serve the buffet (turns out they changed their weekend food from brunch to an overwhelmingly huge buffet!) You guys got to try potatoes for the first time! (and had lots of solid food today... I mean the plan is to feed you when we eat and we were at the place for 2 hours today! lol) I'm SO glad that Daddy got some time to relax and enjoy you girls today :D So..., here are some snippits from lunchies today!

Nadi Bear.... Our little Chunker.... :) IMG_3051 IMG_3052 IMG_3055

MiMi MONKEY!!!!! :D IMG_3065 IMG_3069 IMG_3071 IMG_3070

MiMi, why u always mean mugging?!?!?!IMG_3066 OH, that sisterly love!IMG_3067IMG_3068

IMG_3075 Naners!IMG_3079IMG_3078Daddy and his little peanutIMG_3080 Chunky getting your eat on while we eat too... you of course knocked straight out on this thing. IMG_3081 And.... you were up by the time daddy got back! You played with him while MiMi took ur spot in the wrap! IMG_3084 Sweet MiMi monkey! I LOVE LOVE LOVE free booby snugglesIMG_3085and ur fat fat mommy got flan in your hair :( I SAWY!!! IMG_3089 U just HAD TO have some h2o.... IMG_3087 THIS is why we LOVE to eat here! IMG_3093 You can see the highchairs.... that we NEVER used... you girls were too stinking small and of course mommy forgot the covers at home :/ But as always, we made it happen! Needless to say, daddy has DEF gotten over his fear of taking you guys out :D IMG_3096

We rode back to the hotel (we had to get the cash and go back and pay for the parking so we went on a little adventure ride! Felt like we were back home in ATL with all the traffic! Took us like 45 min to get up the street and back again).  I just want you guys to know HOW dedicated I am (and how much of a pain in the butt it is) to keep my milk flowing for you guys. By the time we got done eating I was FULL! I didn't have means to pump since my batteries were dying... SO on the ride back to pay for the parking (and to tip the nice lady that worked at the restaurant who helped make our plates and carry them to the table for us) I had to HAND EXPRESS my milk into a bottle for you guys! JUST throwing that out there...... lol  There was a festival going on (and with it already being almost 3 pm) so we decided to go for a walk down there from the hotel and check it out! Now, mommy had not even touched the subject about whether or not daddy would want to use the pink carrier.... he VOLUNTARILY asked if he could wear one of you in it! (I was going to give him the wrap without asking him lol) THIS is how much he loves u! :D  IMG_6720 IMG_6721 IMG_6723 IMG_6725 IMG_6726

At the festival :D IMG_6727 Just strolling on the beach! IMG_6728 IMG_6730 IMG_6732 MiMi you passed out SO fast after we left the festival!IMG_6736 Of course you got hungry! And you kept trying to pull your lunch up OUT of the wrap! lol... IMG_6731

So you will always know what we looked at on all of our walks :D IMG_6738 IMG_6740 IMG_6742

Boy oh boy ladies!  If that wasn't the most fun we have had together in one day as a family... by the time we got back we wanted you to play (so I could pump), wanted to give you a bath (especially to Ms. Flan head over here!), and feed you a bottle so you could go to sleep! (the superbowl was coming on and we just wanted to be able to kick back and relax for a bit and more importantly let you guys rest up and recover after your big day of fun!) Well it ALMOST went down as planned. The only thing that kept it from going like we wanted it to was all the crying and fussing you guys did! (I'm pretty sure it was bc u guys were SO tired you didnt know what to do with yourselves! lol) FINALLY after about 30 min you guys went to sleep! OF COURSE one of you (this time it was Chunky) just had to wake up to watch some of the game! lol. MiMi, I STRONGLY debated with myself about waking you up too (bc i just knew that if i didn't, you would wake up right after sissy went to sleep) and sure enough I went against my gut and you proved me right! (I hate being right ALL the time!) The BRONCO's btw just completely embarrassed themselves! It was SO sad to see Peyton like that that, but GREAT to see the Seahawks win!

Tomorrow I think we will have a low key day! This waking up and playing at 3-4 am every night has got to stop!