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Vaca Day 2: The "Official" Kickoff


Oh my sweet angels, I can't imagine life without you guys in it and don't know how I got by or what I was doing before you both came along! Yes, we loose sleep and MAN can it get tense around the house, but everyday you prove to me it is SO worth it in the end. I look at you guys now and can't believe how far we have all come!  You guys are sitting, babbling, scooting, and just turning more and more into little people everyday! It feels like just yesterday I could feel you both dancing around in me and now here you are, young ladies already! If I had a way to collect all the happy tears I cry on the inside daily, I could flood the desert! (ok enough sappy crappy! let's get to the good stuff.. but for real, Idk what I did to get so stinkin lucky!)

So, surprisingly (not in the least though) you guys woke up right on time for your 6 am feed! (thankfully it was 7 here). Mommy DID NOT want to get up! I was so worn out from all the running around I had done since the beginning of last week on top of my normal routine. But none the less, up and at it we were! You guys had enjoyed some yummy guacamole the night before but of course I forgot to take some back to the room so we didn't really have solid foods for breakfast (which i was really sad about :( ) We went and had breakfast on the Penthouse floor in that VIP lounge (you guys like how daddy rolls huh?) After breakfast, I made a "pen" for you guys on the bed (see, i KNEW the kind would come in handy! lol) I put pillows ALL AROUND the edges and your toys all in the middle and you both had a BLAST! (and those sappy feelings came back as I watched u guys roll around and scoot to get to the toys u wanted! and also to each other so you could take the toy your sister had bc u just HAD TO have THAT one toy lol. but u guys are so sweet about it. you don't snatch.... most of the times lol).  You guys were so well behaved that mommy actually had time to pump too!!!! (You NEVER let me do that while you are up!)

Breakfast on the PH floor!IMG_6575 IMG_6576my two sitting big girls! IMG_6579I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to take you to the beach, but I want to save that fun in the sun for when daddy can be there too, so I debated about the pool all am. I got you guys ready with sunblock and changed my mind bc it was windy, And you guys were in that "train wreck" kinda mood bc you were so hungry and tired! Well, MiMi you fell asleep in the wrap (bc u were SO tired you would NOT let me put you down and I HAD to wash bottles b4 I did anything else! we were completely out of clean ones!)  The Preciousness of you sleeping can not be described in words, nor fully captured in a picture but man I tried! So what I ended up doing (which worked PERFECT so thank you for falling asleep) was taking ur sister swimming first while you slept! Now, I ABSOLUTELY HATED having to make you sleep in the stroller the way I did, but I couldnt put u one a chair bc you roll when you sleep and the car seat is too heavy for me (let alone with Chunk in it lol). I wore you down and put sis in the stroller and then sat and switched you guys out! (Luckily another mommy saw me and wanted to say hi to you so she got to hold sis while I put u in the stroller... not that I couldnt have done it by myself :D) IMG_6580 MiMi, you melted my heart to pieces todayIMG_6583 IMG_6582How we rolled out to the pool! IMG_6581 ANGEL! (You were only like this for the pix... so for about 10 seconds! And man do u look like ur sister here!)  IMG_6584I HATE making you sleep like this, but you were SO peaceful....... This is when I wish I had brought a bigger stroller, but this is prob the longest you have (and will have) been in it... IMG_6594

NADIA: OMG boy did u LOVE that water or what! (I got you splashing on video! but I can't put it here bc it's too big of a file. I will be sure to add it to the clip I make later!) I am so glad that we got to do one at a time for our first time in the water. You both reacted SO different to it and I am glad I had the opportunity to learn how each of you liked it on your own time and pace rather than just diving head first into it (no pun intended!) With both of you, we started out small with just our toesies, then worked our way to legs, and some hand splashes (i kept you guys at waist level). We went up to the little fountain spouts to feel the "water fall" there too.  then just kicked and splashed til you were tired! MiMi, you did not like it as much as sister. You did have fun, but you got bored with it easily :( but u did like it when I spun around in circles and let your legs "drag" in the water :) (my back was also KILLING me from bending so much... the water was onyl about 1 foot deep so i was hunched holding you the whole time but SO worth it! (just like my labor pains.... IJS). The whole time we were in the pool (so this happened TWICE to me) I just choked up with so many overwhelming emotions! The last time I was here (in this same exact hotel/pool) back in Sept 2012, I NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER E.V.E.R. thought I would be coming back as a mommy (let alone a twin mommy!) It's funny how last time we came our first stop was a bottle of rum. This time it was bottles of water! :p And instead of laying outside turning black all day, I get to play with you and enjoy watching and helping guide you guys explore a new environment!

IMG_6585 Wait for it, wait for it! IMG_6586OFFICIALLY NOT A POOL VIRGIN ANYMORE!!! IMG_6587 IMG_6588 IMG_6589 I wasa splishing and a splashingIMG_6593 IMG_6597

MiMi's turn!IMG_6601 Wait for it, wait for it! IMG_6602IN WE GO!!!!! toe by toe lol IMG_6603IMG_6604 IMG_6606 IMG_6612 Chunk sleeps while MiMi was in the pool! IMG_6614

After the pool you guys played together for a bit. It was the sweetest thing watching you two converse amongst yourselves (and prob the only thing that kept my sanity in tact since you refused to nap bc again you were so tired!... Chunk, I contemplated leaving you in the stroller, but i was already dying on the inside seeing you (both) sleep like that....) After I got you MiMi changed and lotioned up, and you had played I desperately needed you guys to take a nap bc I didn't want another 10 car pile up working my nerves. SO what did I do? But strap you on and take a stroll on the beach of course! You guys LOVED it! we walked on the beach for a while (mommy's legs LOVED the burn!) I had the most amazing time just walking with you both so close and talking to you about any and everything that came to mind. You both of course knocked out so I was kind of talking to myself, but either way, I LOVED being able to snuggle you both in such a perfect setting! (you guys had seriously gotten to the point of where when we left for our walk, I didn't even have time to put ANYTHING on for a top lol.... I sure did go walking "topless" and was damn proud to have my girls on me like so :) (and boy oh boy did you guys sleep good for about 2 hours or so! LOVED remembering what it felt like to have a long break to recharge! and of course I spent the time "tidying up" even though we are staying in a hotel! thanks girls lol)

IMG_6616 IMG_6615IMG_1001 IMG_1002 IMG_1003 IMG_1004

After you woke up we went upstairs to the VIP cocktail party and man were you the center of all the old folks (well old ladies lol) attention! I am telling you I wanted to tell the next person who asked if you guys were twins (or even those who asked if you were both girls) that you were 2 months apart lol and just say no to see the look on their faces (since you were both dressed in MATCHING pink outfits and BOTH have pretty red rubies in each of your ears! like seriously lady, put ur glasses on! lol.... )We went out to eat dinner after and luckily you both fell asleep as soon as we got to the restaurant with bottles in your mouth (of course you guys had your yummy guac b4 we left for dinner so ur little tummies were full!) STILL can't believe you guys are already eating solid foods! I just remember feeling like your annaprashan was NEVER going to come around whenever I talked about it! And now here you are giving granma a heart attack everytime she sees you eat (because you have a whole piece of food in your hand instead of a spoon with purees. BTW you guys really seem to like it..... well surprisingly Nadi you seem to want to choke everytime you taste food but u sure do eat it... slowly lol). We ended up walking "down the street" to the place to eat and of course it started to rain on the way! and we had to take ur carseats bc we knew u would be sleeping by the time we started to eat. but nonetheless you guys slept for most of the night and thankfully we were able to rest up some too :)

Can't wait to tell you more about the rest of your first vacation and trip to the beach :) I'm so glad that we have this rare and special opportunity to get to be all fun and play for a few days :D